• Learn from Errors!

    Mostly, we can figure out the mistakes from the type of error which the browser shows. Hopefully there is no bug in the script itself.

  • Installation Help

    How can we help you? I believe you can easily figure out the problem if you know the error type and the steps you need

  • What is CGI?

    “Common Gateway Interface”, CGI for short, is a specification, which allows web users to run programs from their computer. CGI isn’t a programming language in

  • Small Business Dynamic Web Site

    Making your small business web site dynamic If you are running a small business with a simple web site, You would be really interested in

  • What kind of scripts do I need?

    What kind of scripts do I need? If you want to develop a simple personal page, you can just start by installing a Form mailer

  • The client-side and the server-side

    In two ways you can make your site dynamic. One, with Java Scripts that can do some things, but they have limitations and can only

  • Selecting and evaluating a script!

    Choosing and evaluating a script! Choosing the suitable scripts for your site is the first and important phase of installing any script. It is time

  • Install CGI

    Preperation for Installation Create a process check list befor starting instalation. This will be useful even for your future script installations. Read further to create

  • CGI Templates

    Some .CGI or .pl files, may contain a Form tag like, <form action=”script_sile_name.cgi” method =”GET”> or <form action=”script_sile_name.cgi” method =”POST”> This means that you can

  • CGI Script How To

    Where can I get a CGI script? You can write a script for yourself, if you know a high level programming language (Knowledge of C

  • CGI for web sites

    By the time when you are completing this article you should be able to set-up your own CGI script to make your web site Dynamic.

  • CGI Database

    Where is my data stored? CGI is Comman Gateway Interface. Most of the CGI scripts written in Perl are storing the data in flat text

  • Active Server Pages Installation Tutorial

    Welcome to my article ASP Installation Tutorial. I have decided to write this one after the great success of my previous article CGI installation tutorial.