Gone are the days when we were developing brochure type web sites. If you wish your visitors to comeback, the site should be interesting. As already millions of web sites are existing, even they may be similar to ours, to keep the site interesting one key thing is Interactivity. In this article let us discuss some scripts that can add interactivity into your web site. – Benny Alexander
To be sticky, a site needs both content, as well as some form of database or other programming. A web site that can get visitors to stay longer and return often is known as a sticky web site. The stickier you can make your site the better your chances of converting visitors into customers. You can add some ASP or CGI or PHP scripts , as your web server supports. Let us see some of them here

Content Syndication

You can feed some daily news, which can be general or your industry specific. You can get the syndication information from the content provider site. Most probably they will be simple JavaScript that you can just place on your site where you need the content to be appear. In this way the visitor gets some fresh news/information always. Moreover syndication is just one time job, and you do not have to spend any maintenance time on it.

Discussion Boards

Discussion boards allow users to discus among themselves and with you. People can post their questions and can expect the answers from other visitors. In this way people usually comes back to your web site. Most people have something to say, whether good or bad, and many love to say it! If your company sells products buyers can support each other using discussion forums. You can also create topics about that can help your business and can collect various opinions.

Opinion Polls and surveys

You can create polls or surveys for your visitors to answer. Keep them simple and anonymous to achieve a higher response. Your goal is to get as many responses as possible. Let your questions be relevant and help your business.

Articles and tutorials

Write some specific articles related to your business. This can give you a great impact on your visitors. People love to read. If you educate them freely with your tutorials and articles, they will really remember your site, and will come back. There is a higher possibility that they may turn back as potential customer. Moreover articles and other type of content that is relevant to your business with proper keywords can help you to promote your sites with search engines and other Industry specific Indexes.

Your own eZine

Ask your visitors to join in your eZine. Tell them the benefits of subscribing your news letter. Do not forget to mention your “no spamming” Email policies. Write at least one informative newsletter per month and send them. You can advertise there with your new product information also.