Thinking about outsourcing your website maintenance work?
Do you need a professional, who can keep your site always fresh?

Here are the reasons why you need to consider us: Website maintenance is a laborious task. But, your website is your ‘first customer engagement tool’ and it should speak to your customer in the first place. So, you need to maintain your website. You may not have time to attend it each day. But we do have. You may not afford to have a full-time website maintenance staff for a few hours of work. This is why you may require to consider outsourcing your website maintenance.

Many website development companies will not take the maintenance of websites that have been created by others, leaving customers with no option but to employ staff to undertake the work. But, content-refreshed websites gives a positive impact on the target audience. The website should convince the customer to reach us with a decision halfway through.

But we at Macronimous, can take this weighty responsibility from you and help your website to be continually refreshed, and to continue growing along with your business. We include a site Audit and website security plan that you can opt for. Macronimous has an expert team of website security professionals to help you.

Why outsource website maintenance to Macronimous?

Macronimous will take care of regular maintenance on a monthly engagement basis. By outsourcing website maintenance of your site, you are free from worry and can focus on your business.

Your website could be static or CMS-driven (such as WordPress). We do have a separate WordPress Web site Maintenance plan. If you have a WordPress site, our WordPress team can take care of complete WordPress Website maintenance. From content updates to plugin updates to malware removal.

We have a monthly fixed cost contract to choose from within your budget. Your outsourced website maintenance contract with us will ensure that you can increase or decrease your requirements.  Write to us for more information.

What do we do with your outsource website maintenance?

  • Adding, Modifying, and Deleting new content, pages, links, and graphics.
  • UI and UX analysis and improvement.
  • Periodic website security audits
  • Checking and updating links to keep the site away from Broken links.
  • Uptime monitoring.
  • Content updates.
  • Checking search engines to rank and making minor SEO adjustments as needed.
  • Adding/changing/deleting email addresses.
  • CMS upgrades, PHP, Plugin upgrades, and DB backups
  • Correcting broken HTML, CSS or JS scripts.
  • Keep an eye on the visitor stats.
  • Maintenance regarding security issues (scripts, databases, image/bandwidth theft, etc.).
  • Retaining a full backup copy of the website. (Optional)
  • Communication with third-party service providers (credit card processor, hosting company, information suppliers) on your behalf.
  • Logfile analysis and visitor/site statistics report.
  • Creating FAQs and searchable knowledge bases.
  • UI and UX improvements
  • Newsletter creation and sending.
  • Server Monitoring, OS upgrades for Dedicated hosting.
  • Server Migration – Changing the hosting company or Architecture.
  • Bug Fixes and programming error fixes (PHP, ASP, Java or . NET).
  • Communicate with your SEO team (if required)
  • Laison with your hosting company on behalf of you. (Optional)

How does this website maintenance agreement work?

  1. You send us your site details for a free audit.
  2. We will ask a few simple questions about the tasks you may like us to manage
  3. We will evaluate and fix a package such as 5 hrs, 10 hrs, or 20 hrs per month.
  4. You may like to signup for non-disclosure and confidentiality with us. (We can send a draft agreement that you can use)
  5. You start assigning the maintenance tasks to be done. By Email or by our Web-based task tracking tool. Or Basecamp, Trello etc.
  6. We update work and the time consumed. In 24 hrs during weekdays.
  7. You pay us monthly.

How does Macronnimous handle Website maintenance?

  1. We take a copy of your website to your server and use it as a staging site.
  2. You can give us website access, that need not be with Admin privileges
  3. We show changes made for your approval.
  4. Once approved we will move the changes to live.
  5. We also use Git, GitHub, and other version management tools.
  6. Detailed Monthly reports

Contact us

For any other clarification on how to outsource website maintenance, Price, Maintenance plans that we have for you, Execution strategy, contracts, etc., please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Our Expertise

850+ Delivered Projects
200+ Ongoing Maintenance
420+ Continuous Maintenance Contracts


Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

Our rates are Reasonable and highly competitive. We work with various pricing models and are flexible to work within your budget.

Proven Methods
Proven Methods

We use a lightweight Agile Web development process emphasizing Feature Driven Development (FDD) which is flexible enough to meet changes in needs.

Unparallel Quality
Unparallel Quality

We have a separate QA team who works in parallel and independent of the development team with great UI, UX experience, and delivery plans.

Skilled Developers
Skilled Developers

Certified and expert web and Mobile developers who pay attention to details, take deliverables seriously and work with great customer communication are our Strengths.

Post development Support
Post development Support

We provide FREE 30 days to 1 year,  post-development support, and continuous maintenance, upgrades, and security updates. We also take maintenance and support for apps developed by other teams.

Scalable Apps
Scalable Apps

Keeping the need for changes in mind, we make the apps highly scalable. By choosing the right technology platform, Database, App architecture, and Cloud Servers we take care of your app always easy to scale up.