Link popularity can be defined as the number of incoming or inbound links that your site has from other sites and directories. The links can be from any Business directory, Web directory, articles, or any other web sites. This can be obtained by adding links to directories, search engines, and other related web sites, and we call as link building. In fact, more the inbound links your site has, the better website link popularity. More the quality incoming or inbound links, the more web site page rank.

The factors that are considered by the search engines while determining the rank of your site or the individual pages are the number of links and the quality of the links that your website contains. One has to remember that the more the incoming links your site have, the greater the traffic to your site exists.

To start with, link popularity for the website, we have to add link first to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Two methods of link building to a website obtain link popularity.

Two-way link exchange:
This link submission is nothing but exchanging of links, means Reciprocal links. A link will be added to your domain pages and your domain link added to their domain pages.

One-way submission:
This link submission is nothing but adding links to directories and search engines, no need of reciprocal links.
Having a link to your site is essential, and to have this done your site needs to be attractive and made suitable to have a link. Aiming at making your site beneficial to the audience, try to have a page or a site that helps the directory editor to select your site.

Content always remains to be an asset to your site. Focus on creating a content rich site. It brings in visitors who are looking for information, and these in turn bring in more visitors. Whether your site deals with selling any service or product, having the related articles, newsletters can add value to your site content. Submitting your site to some of the major directories, regional directories and thematic directories should be done carefully.

Look out for some sites that seem to be complementary to your site, and exchange links. This helps in gaining link popularity. Have contact with the link partners and identify the different ways by which your site could get linked to their site. Identify the natural means of having a link to that site from your site. Finally, E mail your ideas to the prospective link partner. A personal note explaining what you have in mind would create a better impact rather than use a form.

Analyze the approach to be used by which your partner would get benefited by you and vice versa. You could also write some article about your site, and provide free access to this article provided you gain a link.

Determining your web site Link Popularity

A periodic check on the incoming links to your site can be done effectively.

What Not To Do?

Never use the automated programs that send in forms requesting links. Such programs can be used for identifying worthy sites for gaining links. On identifying the links, short personal messages can be sent to them. Remember that not all your messages will be replied and not everyone would like to possess exchange links. So be patient. Never assume that if you do not get a reply then they are not interested. The probability of them approaching you in the future is high. Try not to exchange links with any site you feel like and also try avoiding creating a huge list of exchange links.

How to increase link popularity?

Sincere hard work and a smart approach is what is needed in building link popularity. Apart from having done a complete search and sending enough reciprocal link emails, much more can be done to gain link popularity.
If you write articles, you get to use them on your website and you build your website content. You can also submit your articles to other sites, or allow them to reuse with full credentials, (Make sure they link back to your site). With both methods you get a lot in return:

  • As told earlier, article writing is one way of enhancing link popularity. It also makes your site content-rich and gives you the option to submit to various sites. This gives you a high return.
  • Remember to keep your site always content-rich. Use keyword-rich text in your pages and start promoting your site. This can also lead to more pages being indexed by the search engines.
  • Websites can link back to your site on identifying related topics on your site.
  • It is possible to also enhance the link by receiving a backlink from the site where you have submitted your article. Do include a link to all guest articles where you had submitted your article.
  • The sites that had a number of inbound links from the various other sites that deal with similar topics are encouraged by the search engines.

What is a BackLink Analyzer?

To identify the various pages that link to your site, you can enter your domain name in the search engines like
This gives the list of pages that are hyperlinked to the site. The search can be narrowed down still further to a particular URL. You can be more specific in this case.
For Example

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