Surprised to see that the traffic seems to be not rising beyond a certain point? Traffic leak could be the reason. This article explains how to fix it.

Website Ranking Stuck – A Real Case:

One of the best dental clinics in Coimbatore, India, is an esteemed client of ours. The dental services offered by them are of high quality and cutting edge in dentistry. When they approached for our WordPress SEO services they mentioned their main webpage. The main goal was to increase website ranking. The additional goals were to have

  1. Higher traffic
  2. Better conversions

Thorough Analysis:

We did a thorough audit of the website and submitted the proposal with the pricing details. Happy with our service pricing, we started working on the site. After a couple of months, our SEO team was surprised to see that the traffic seem to be not rising beyond a certain point.


Then we did a deeper analysis of this and discovered that they had a Google My Business account, which by now, due to our local SEO efforts was showing in the above-the-fold area in the maps.

Google My Business Results

This surprised us even more, as we should have seen an increase in the traffic. However, as shown below, the traffic still remained the same as per our monthly SEO Reports!

Traffic Comparison

Problem Identified:

Then it became obvious that there should definitely be a traffic leak!

We decided to talk with the client and, on further investigation, we discovered that they had once upon a time set up a GMB account and even forgot the email id and the password for the same. With a little help from us, we helped them log into the GMB account.

Google My Business VS Dental

Further analysis showed us that the “Website” that was enlisted in the GMB account was pointing to Google’s free My business website builder and not the homepage.

Guess what, it was not just 10 or 20 views, but 1,760 views & 536 actions just in the last 28 days!

Performance Google My Business

No wonder! We were missing the traffic all this time. The worst part was that our Local SEO efforts were not showing the results, even though wonders were happening!

The Results:

This encouraged us and we started monitoring the monthly Rankings. In a matter of 3 days, the Rankings started improving for the 3 keywords that were very relevant to the client.

Go ahead and check for such traffic leaks on your website. Not sure? Contact us right away. We are more than happy to be of assistance to you.