SEO Myth – No SEO/SEM Company can guarantee a #1 Top ranking on Google and Other Major Search Engines

It is difficult to guarantee any top position in any of the search engines. To read more details on this concept and what Google has to say about this, click the following link. This holds true with all the existing major search engines

What a Search Engine Expert Marketer can do

No SEO/SEM person can assure the top position in the Search engines but can tell you the various success stories of the past and how SEO/SEM can help you in the current trend. Organic SEO refers to the editing of web pages or the sites to make them much more search engine friendly by identifying the right keywords, titles, and links and using them in the right proposition. The page with the top rank is the one that will be more interesting to the visitor.
It is just enough to be more focused and have the right message to have high rankings. Then why go in for all tricks? The exact position that a page will possess on a day cannot be guaranteed, but there is always an assurance that your page will be ranked.

A long-term Search Engine Optimization strategy:

Natural Search engine optimization is a process carried out for the long term, this cannot be achieved within one day or ten-day or a month. It takes a three to six-month time span to achieve Seo results for a website depending upon the business competition.
The algorithms used by the search engines are never the same. If the rule used today is like, just the right combination of text in the title tag will make or break a site, then all you need to do is to alter the title tag to suit this rule. Now you will see your site being in the top position today.
Now, the rule changes the next day. Say, for example, the search engine uses the content of the META Description tag. All you have to do is fix up the description tag and not the title tag.
The focus of the search engines keeps changing from time to time. The best thing is to optimize the page or the site as a whole by adding value to the site. A very simple approach to obtain the best results that are long-term is what is needed.

You don’t have access to the database; you can’t control search engines

Search engines do not belong to the SEO/SEM persons or Companies. They only assure you that it is possible to achieve the top position, but in no way are they involved to make it happen. Assuring a #1position in AllTheWeb is not possible. Instead, recommendations are available on how to make your site search engine friendly. A constant hold on the medium is essential to obtain the required position. Even the search engine consultants do not control the search engines; they only help you to achieve that top position.
No one ever knows the algorithms used by the search engines. Aiming at giving the best to the search engine users, it makes use of the best algorithms and also keeps changing it to keep it highly secure from the users. This remains an asset for the search engines.

Why no guarantee for single keyword phrases

Targeted Keywords can be explained as that word used by the user to search or as the most used keyword in your site to make your site be listed in the search process. Ranking a keyword phrase in a top position has become difficult and it has also become very generic in nature, hence the usage of the keyword phrases has increased. Search using keyword phrases has indeed become a default in the default process.

Competition for single keywords and use phrases is increasing compared to single words. To provide you with an example, when you would like to have a search done for online shopping, try avoiding using the primary as “shopping”. People have started to demand more information – more and more. They tend to be more specific to get what they are exactly looking out for. Identify what is unique in your company and the business you are in and the industry that you serve, and use the appropriate primary keyword phrase. This process will lead you to the top rankings and also help you to be listed in the search result. A greater number of visitors is likely to visit your site and also your online shopping is likely to boom. With the help of Overture and Word tracker results, you can identify the most suitable phrases.

How your competitors achieve and what they do…

To gain a competitive edge over your competitors, learn the ways of promoting your site for long-term success.

  • Domain Age.
  • Domain Keywords.
  • Aged domains with keywords.
  • Proper Optimized Keywords phrases.
  • Search engine-friendly website structure.
  • Link popularity.
  • Content optimization.
  • Tag Composition.
  • Continuous link building and promotion to major search engines and directories for the long term.
  • Paid inclusion.

SEO Solutions with Realistic Guarantee

The following are the advantages of Search Engine Optimization

  • Analysis of your website, your competitors, and your specific business.
  • Keyword phrase research based on major search engine data.
  • Competitors analysis on how many competing websites are targeting each of your target keyword search terms.
  • Find out how many backlinks point to your top ten competitors.
  • Continuous monthly tracking of backlinks and suggestions on increasing your backlinks.
  • Website Optimization, including navigational and structural improvement for search engine friendliness.
  • Submitting Manually to the major search engines and the Open Directory (
  • Monthly visitors log analysis, ranking, and traffic reports including search terms.