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The effect of web sites brought us a whole new world of global market. So every one wants to have their web presence in these days. I assume that you also have got a web site now. You developed by yourself, or you outsource the work to some one. You are proud of your web site as it looks very appealing. Your friends say they have visited your site and signed on your guest book. Everything is fine. But have you thought about making it effective and how about bringing some business in. Here in this discussion, I can help you to make your site to help your business. Let us discuss some key points that can make your site for revenue generation portal.

Market research with your site

Prepare some questionnaire that can help your business market and request your visitors to attend the survey. Many sites offer some small gifts for the selected visitors who are attending the Survey. This survey results can help you to study your and reinvent your business structure. You can also create some dynamic polls, which can send the instant market trends. There are many ASP ,PHP or CGI survey applications in the market which you can use it in your site. Or you can ask your developer to develop a customized one with desired reports as output.

Keep your content refreshed

Always refresh your content whenever its needed. To make this simple you can use a content management system (CMS) that can suite for your site. A CMS can help you to create and maintain the site content updated. Refreshed content if very necessary to make the visitor come back. As visitors are looking for new information the site should come up with new content and should speak new trends, technology, business and market. make it readable, you can hire a content developer who can understand your business and target places and write for you.


Tell shortly who you are, what you do and how you do. You can improve the reliability of your services, by telling how you develop your products and services. For example, the taxes you pay for the service. The site can explains the visitors about your policies, development procedures, goals, targets and quality measurements. You can ask them for suggestions, tell them that they can help your business by attending your survey. There is no harm in being transparent to the customer who doesn’t even know your face. Many customers like transparency.

Improve navigation

Clear navigation can help your customers to visit all your pages without any blocking. Make some cross-linking to related pages, or related services as it appears in this site. Put a search on your web site, customers can search the information, which they want.

Test the loading time

All visitors are not patient enough to wait for your pages, which takes minutes to get loaded. If a visitor finds you in a search, remember she/he may open more than one link from the search result in separate browser windows. If your pages are very dull in loading, he will not hesitate to close one window where your site appears slowly. So do not load the sites with huge graphics and animation. Use good graphic design tools to optimize the images. Though the bandwidth limitations are coming down, Test your web site in different Internet speeds. There are users who are still using dial-up modem in many countries with less then 30KBPS.

The value

Provide some information to your visitor. Give related Tip of the day, articles, tutorials, syndicated content with which you can educate your visitors and clients. This can add a huge value to your web site. This can, not only make your visitor to visit back, but also can help while promoting the site with search engines. Above all it adds credibility. Encourage your employees to write for the site.

Benefits, not just features

You can use the site to tell about your services, features as well as the benefits they get. Unlike conventional advertisements you can tell more about the benefits your customer gets through your services. Explain in detail but not with pages of words.

Promote your site

Your web site will be of no use to you if it is a secret! Put your web site address on everything. Your letterhead, envelopes, with your signature on emails, business cards, company vehicles. Send an email to all your clients with a link to your site. Submit your site to search engines and directories. Set up links and affiliates to drive traffic to your site. You can also use free for all links (FFA), which can increase your link popularity. Submit pages to your industry related indexes and free link pages.

Put a site analysis tool

Add a free/paid site analysis tools, which can help you to track and analyze the information about your visitor.(Like the one you see in the bottom of this page). This can help you to understand, who your visitors are, which page they like most, which country they visit from and much more.

Improving things

If you need help in improving your web presence we can give you our hands, we specialize in makeovers — taking an existing Web site and transforming it into a productive, attractive and profitable business tool. We can also provide a professional Web site evaluation and make suggestions for improvement. Contact us at [email protected] for further information and price quote.