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  • Web Development Life Cycle
    Like traditional software engineering life cycle, web site development can also have a life cycle methodology to adopt certain standards. The article discusses the needs of life cycle steps in order to work efficiently towards a successful web site or web application development.
  • Backup WordPress websites manually (2016)
    There are different ways to backup your WordPress websites. Sometimes you may like to take the entire WordPress website on your local computer. This article explains in steps, how to take a copy of everything belongs to your WordPress based website.
  • The Original "20 Reasons to Put Your Business on the WWW" - Stormy Knight , © net101 Article 2002
    Many small business owners selling products or services are wondering why do they need a website. This 20 Reasons by Stormy Knight is sufficient enough to motivate them to own a web site and to explode the benefits from it.
  • Creating Interactive, Sticky web site
    Gone are the days when we were developing brochure type web sites. If you wish your visitors to comeback, the site should be interesting. Here the author discusses some things to be considered when we change our web site sticky.
  • Getting your web presence and reaching the global market
    This article meant for small business owners trying to promote them through web to reach the global market in a cost effective way, companies which need some formal guidelines in their Internet promotional activities toward success, written.
  • Getting business with your web site - Some practices to keep your web site effective
    This article explains you to improve your web presence and to help you to get your web site as a business Gateway. Learn how to improve your web presence in a simple format.

Web Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization for Beginners a Macronimous.com © Article 1999
    There are millions of users using search engines to find information from millions of sites. The chances of increasing your visitors is high if your site is positioned only in top pages in the search engines or Directories. This article teaches you prepare your site for search engines and helps you promote your site a straight forward way. The author has more than 4 years of experience with search engines and promotion. This is an updated version of the article written in the year 1998.
  • Website Return on Investment(ROI) Checklist
    Do you have a website? Have you ever thing about what returns are you getting out of it after spending hundreds of dollars to develop it. Thanks to Debbie Mayo-Smith, she gives you a check list to ensure your ROI and the tips to improve your website towards success.
  • Increasing Link Popularity and Getting worthy inward links
    This articles helps you to learn the straight forward and healthy ways to do a greater link building campaign, to get most back links and link popularity which many search engines expect to rank your site.
  • Practical SEO Techniques. SEO Book(2013 Edition)
    Free E-Book teaches you the practical techniques used by SEO Experts.
  • Developing SEO friendly eCommerce sites
    Getting high rankings with database driven dynamic websites needs possible, but need much efforts. Learn the key elements involved in Developing and promoting a website with search engine friendliness.
  • Tracking and understanding site visitors
    How to understand your site visitors? How to use your site visitor log and interpret them? Find here to how to play with logs.
  • Why SEO results are not Guaranteed
    Why SEO results can not be Guaranteed? Why SEO results are keep changing? How to get a good SEO results?
  • Creating SEO friendly Flash sites
    Learn how to create Flash websites which are Search Engine friendly.
  • Developing SEO friendly URLs with ASP NET 2.0
    We can develop SEO Friendly websites where the content is driven from the Database with a Content Management System which is developed using ASP.NET. We will learn to build a simple CMS driven site with no nonsense URL, which Search Engines invite.
  • How to measure SMO conversion?
    Social Media Optimization (SMO) is becoming one among the must-adopt methods to generate traffic by increasing website (or blog) popularity and visibility amongst your type of visitors directly or through social media sites like Online communities, discussion groups, etc. This could be achieved through networking in blog post sharing, resource sharing, videos, podcast and social book marking.
  • Teach yourself modern SEO (2015)
  • Learn how to do advanced and modern SEO by yourself and do it in-house. We teach you how Google algorithm works, what you should learn in SEO and how to manage your company's Internet marketing.

Web Technology and Trends

  • Oncoming wave with web services.
    Learn here the complete standards of web services from this article. It deals with all the details inside out. Identify the needs of web services and you can justify whether you need to develop/implement web services or not.
  • Web servers Demystified
    Do you know how a web page will be appearing in your browser when you open it in a browser. Do you know from where the images or audio has been appearing in any web page. In this article you learn the what's behind a web site.

Web Programming

  • Creating Visual Basic COMponents for ASP Most Read!
    An Introductory article to the Visual Basic and ASP programmers to create custom ActiveX components and to use to reuse them in their ASP code. You can create your own Dlls with this step by step Guide.
  • Making Web Application Development a Success : Things to be considered (Also Re-published in ProgrammersHeaven.com)
    This article meant for small web application and web site development companies which need some formal guidelines in their development activities toward success, written in a simple format.
  • Secure password programming with .NET
    This article takes you through the different ways how passwords are hacked, lists down the objectives of a secure password system, and finally explores how an effective password handling mechanism can be implemented with .NET
  • Creating Dynamic PDF files using HTML and PHP
    This article explains how to create PDF files dynamically using PHP, from HTML file to PDF format using FPDF and HTML2FPDF PHP class libraries.
  • Writing Regular Expression with PHP
    RegEx is a kind of language and if you have learned its symbols and understood their meaning, you would find it as the most useful tool in hand to solve many complex problems related to text searches. This article shows lights on RegEx concept and use of RegEx with PHP. This article also provides an example of how to create a RegEx to find US Zipcode and Telephone number.
  • Command Line Scripting in PHP
    PHP can also be run as a command line script like C, C++, Java, etc. This article provides an introduction to command line scripting in PHP and emphasis on its significance in PHP applications.
  • 10 Most Useful Firefox Extensions for Web Developers
    Firefox extensions for web developers, which can be of great help or might end up with less help to them. On analyzing a few hundreds of extensions, we have chosen best ten on the daily usage basis, which might be most useful Firefox extensions to the web developers.
  • Google Checkout Integration for PHP
    Using Google checkout, buying from stores across the web becomes simple and also facilitates you to keep track of all the orders. This articles is about Google checkout and different types of integration methods in Google checkout using PHP.
  • Using CodeIgniter for PHP application development
    This article explains how effective PHP Framework web applications are developed using CodeIgniter, along with its important features and advantages, with an example
  • The need for PHP code refactoring
    With an introduction of what refactoring of codes generally mean, the article explains in detail about the necessity of refactoring of codes, with respect to PHP. It also has few selected methods of refactoring PHP codes, with suitable examples given to support the techniques explained.
  • Writing clean, secure and easy to maintain PHP code
    Any code when written in a clean, easy to understand and formatted way is readily accepted and acclaimed by one and all. It is essential that the codes we write should be able to be understood by all, because the same programmers need not necessarily work on the same set of codes always.
  • Getting started with iPhone Development
    Ideas on the basic things you have to know on how to get started with iPhone application development
  • Search nearby locations based on zip code
    Gone are the days when people have to get on to their shoes and explore their locality to know what is where nearby. With the advent of GPS, exploring a locality is just one click away.

Web Development - Best Practices

  • Extreme Programming - A short Intro!
    By the time when you are reading this article you could have started hearing the word Extreme programming. There is a debate going on already whether extreme programming is good or not? Here I’d like to cover some of the key features of extreme programming and will give some links at the end; they can feed you enough for further reading.
  • Charging web development projects
    Scope Creep, unless managed well can grow to be potentially disastrous. Variations in the scope of the project can have its impact over the successful delivery of the project.
  • Managing scope creep in web development projects
    How to determine, what to charge the clients for web development projects? Should the charges be based on Value? Time or Results?. Here is a guideline to help you to how to do Charging.
  • Using Feature Driven Development (FDD) for web development
    One of the Agile software development methodologies, FDD or the Feature Driven Development stresses in creating shorter iterations of functionality, with each functionality catering to certain features in the website.
  • Using IM (Instant Messengers) for Project communication
    Outsourcing of work is becoming kind of a necessity now for every other company, as the project requirements and expectations keep getting more and more demanding.

Web development - Outsourcing

  • Seven tips for successful Outsourcing relationship
    In long-term relationships, the key component for success of the relationship is best laid during negotiations, which lead up to the signing of the Service Level Agreement. Some of the common practices employed for a successful management of outsourcing relationship have been listed below. IT companies from India like countries are supporting such methods to improve their client relationship management.
  • Finding the right (outsource) development partner for offshore development.
    If you are new o outsourcing or willing to keep a offshore development team to do your non-core development activities, this article can help you to find the right people.
  • Effective time difference management with offshore team.
    Starts with the fact about time differences among various countries, this article covers information about the advantages of time zone differences and effective time difference management practices with offshore team, on outsourced projects.

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