Getting started with Digital marketing – Part 6 – Local SEO (or Google My Business)

Local SEO marketing is an effective way to market your local business online.  It is, thus, differentiated from broad organic SEO tasks that prioritize search relevance instead of searcher distance.

The concept has grown to become a customer-targeted online marketing tactic that allows for local businesses to get included, based on various search indicators, in relevant results. It helps businesses promote their products or services in the locality at the precise time that the customers are looking for them on the Internet.

Like the organic SEO, the success of Local SEO, too, is a function of time with an investment that is prepared to focus on the long-term. The usual tendency is for businesses to see this as an in-house operation.

Feedback through reviews – the lifeblood of consumer buying behavior – is part of the website that needs managing. Management reputation involves, among other things, replacing undesirable content with new content that paints a business in a better light.

The best bet is to be proactively engaged online so that you are aware of what customers are saying about you and joining the conversation wherever appropriate. Reputation management consumes a lot of time and, sometimes painful, effort.

Local SEO initiatives, for effective outcomes, also requires the business to augment the marketing effort by building and religiously maintaining offline relationships with its clients.

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