Making Google hotpot to work for your business

All these days SEO firms were focusing only on link building, On-page optimization, META tags etc without giving much care to whether the site is a global or local website. The Google local listings that were appearing on the top of the organic result was not making a huge impact. But when Google decided to give a much more relevant local listings results, It launched the Google Places silently but in style.  The major aim of the Google Places feature is to display the location and contact details of websites listed in the organic style. Anyway, Google places are strictly restricted to location-based keywords ONLY.

Business ratings with Google hotpot: Google Hotspot


Earlier directories like the were giving reviews and ratings about businesses along with their contact details and it was a very successful and highly visited site until the Google hotpot.  The Google hotpot is the latest feature launched by Google that is mainly for ratings and reviews. The introduction of Google places and Google hotpot has already become a serious threat to the sites like the In general Using Google hotpot, you can know information and current reviews about a place, a company or anything from general and third party reviews and recommendations about them from your friends.

Project your business with Google hotpot:


In a case of an industry or any business firm, the Google hotpot can play a bigger role. For any business to spread, a good word of mouth is required. Even though the best service you provide, a good review will definitely project your business in a positive way. The biggest advantage of Google hotpot is your business website along with contact address and reviews. So the visitor will have a clear idea about your business standard and will result in an increase in business. Videos, Images, and other details can also be displayed in these Google Places and hotpot and hence the page is like a complete marketing presentation about your business. Since day-to-day visitors of search engines are increasing Google Places and hotpot should be considered as a blessing and you can say it is one of the best marketing strategies

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