Do you really need an SEO consultant?

At present, you have a website that has been designed and developed meeting your business needs and you admire the look and feel of your website, easy user interface, and functionality for your customer, and thinking how you and your business will be known to your customers?

Then you need to think of popularizing your website to your online customers and getting traffic to your website. Well to reach your customers you need to get help from an efficient SEO consultant. Why?

Search Engine Optimization is a doing process and can’t be said done

SEO is a continuous process. Webmaster, small business owners, designers and developers learn online resources and go with the process. But do they know which resources are a niche to the specific business website? Many may be theoretical than practical. SEO is a practice, which can be attained only by real-time knowledge. SEO practices do change according to industries and targeted customers and as told SEO needs to be worked in a long term. On another side, many do not have time to carry out the process and update their knowledge on current search engine industry. There comes an SEO consultant role who can tell you “What to do and what not” and “Where to spend time and were not”.

Website Designers and Developers are not SEO Consultant

Website designers and developers are professionals who tend to have knowledge about SEO and say they offer SEO services by adding H tag, Breadcrumb, sitemap and few come up with website SEF navigation but they are not complete SEO. Why?

It takes years of experience in design to become a professional designer and the same for a developer to be efficient in website development. They focus on one area related to the profession that is to find the do’s and don’ts and to find  the clients preference for their customer, and they usually don’t have time for below SEO essentials?

SEO consultant measures and balance on-page and off page optimization

An SEO consultant reviews your website, provides advice to the success of your online business and performs the following SEO factors below

And much more SEO factors related to the specific industry.

Do you think a designer, developer or a Webmaster without in-depth knowledge and experience can provide these above factors in a professional manner? I would say big No; they are professionals in their own field but not in SEO. All these needs which are continued to practice in the SEO field can be achieved only through understanding business, handing various industry related projects and by all possible SEO examines

Now you would have known the real need of an SEO consultant to make your online business a great success. Start looking for one, the best! 🙂

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