Enterprise Web CMS – Gartner Magic quadrant

WCMS magic Quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant


We at Macronimous started working with Custom CMS using ASP (Active Server Pages) during 2001. Then we moved to WordPress by Automattic, Joomla and Drupal (by Acquia)which you see  in visionaries. It has an open source self-hosted version, which is widely popular due to its easy of use and the support community that offers plugins and themes that make the development and implementation low-cost. However, things are different in Entreprise CMS.

Sitecore is dominant

As you see Sitecore is the leader in Web Content Management. It dominates the entreprise-grade CMS continuously for years. It is built with .NET technology with a strong association with Microsoft. This makes it  acceptable. However what is not acceptable is their pricing, which keeps going up. Sitecore 8.1 has a five-tiered licensing model to choose the right one for you.

Hippo, Adobe Experience manager, Acquia

Hippo is a niche player, according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2015. It is Java based and Entreprise ready. Hippo is partnered with EMC now.

Users say Adobe Experience Manager has very good UX and capabilities as an Enterprise-grade WMS, But  it is priced high too.

In 2007 Acquia raised $7M for the Drupal platform and then started supporting Drupal community continuously. We at Macronimous use Drupal for high-end custom web applications. But, if you are looking for a simple content management system, then Drupal may not be the right choice.

To view the full report, download it here.