10 Questions to ask your clients after project delivery (Updated: Nov 2022)

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Vendors/Clients or web Development Teams often ignore project feedback that is valuable in building a successful team and company. Customer feedback becomes a team’s Self-Evaluation tool, after completing each Project (Web Development, Mobile Development, SEO or anything else). Based on our two decades’ of experience, Below are ten simple questions to ask your client. It would hardly take 10 to 15 minutes.

If you can convince your customer to respond, remember – you have an important tool that can help you improve. A simple web project delivery time questionnaire would help you improve your deliverables much.

Here are they:

  1. Are you satisfied with the deliverable(s)? Is that what you wanted?
  2. Was there any moment(s) that frustrated you? Do you think we could have avoided it?

    ten project feedback questions

    Project feedback questions are tools to improve!

  3. Is our development process going well? Or do you want us to get better?
  4. Did our team ask enough questions to understand the scope well?
  5. Did we give enough time for you to check our interim updates?
  6. Did our team hear you right? Or do we need to pay more attention to the details?
  7. Did the team listen to you properly? Or do they need to be more attentive to the details?
  8. Do you think we added values to the deliverable?
  9. Will you come back to us in the future? (For new clients)
  10. What is your overall rating for us on this project?. (Note: You can give a five or ten stars based rating system)

You can even build an online survey using Zoho or Typeform to capture them and store them in a database.

I recommend that you use these online questions as a way to send emails or databases or both so that these comments can be easily reviewed at the project review meeting. In addition, management can discuss each feedback to identify any defects, improve the system or help people get better performance.

If you want to have them as a PHP-MySQL form or a WordPress plugin (that comes as an Email to you send your opinion here),  we will send a copy of the file, which you can host your own server.


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