10 Questions to ask your clients after project delivery (updated: Oct 2018)

Project feedbacks are often ignored by the vendors/clients or development teams, which are valuable in building a successful team and company.  After completing each project (Web development, Mobile development, SEO or anything), feedback from the customers become the self evaluating a tool for the team, more often than they trigger process changes within the company. The following are ten simple questions, your customer would need 5 minutes to 15 minutes. If you could convince the customer to answer them, remember you have a vital tool that helps you to improve. Here are they:

  1. Are you happy with the deliverables? Is that what you wanted?
  2. Was there any moment(s) that frustrated you? Do you think we could have avoided it?

    ten project feedback questions

    Project feedback questions are tools to improve!

  3. Did our development process go well? Or do you want us to improve?
  4. Were there enough questions and communications from the team to understand the scope?
  5. Did we give enough time for you to check interim updates?
  6. Did the teamwork collaboratively with you and your team?
  7. Did the team listen to you properly? or do they need to be more attentive to the details?
  8. Do you think we added values to the deliverable?
  9. Will you come back to us in future? (For new clients)
  10. What is your overall rating for us on this project?. (Note: You can give a five or ten starts based rating system, preferably with Ajax)

I recommend you to make these questions online as a form to Email or Database or both so that these feedbacks can be reviewed easily at the projects review meetings. Also, management can discuss each feedback to find out any deficiencies and improve the system or help people for better performance.

If you want to have them as a PHPMySQL form (that comes as an Email to you send your opinion here),  we will send a copy of the file, which you can host your own server.


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