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With much care you have setup your website. You are happy that it is working well and the design is spot on.  But is that all to it?

Now comes in a top SEO agency like us and says that there is a need to improve the User Experience. Also, they talk how SEO can be improved by factoring in Chrome User Experience Reports! 

Are they correct? What is the basis of such a statement? 

Let us find:

What is Chrome User Experience Report?

As per definition, this should give you a way to find out how your website’s visitors experience, when using chrome. This is provided by Google and that too based out of the real-world data. 

The Metrics Used

Various Metrics that are used to measure are as follows:

  • First Paint
  • First Contentful Paint
  • DOMContentLoaded
  • Dimensions
  • Data Format

What do these metrics mean?

In a short manner, this gives you an insight of the “loading performance”.

Below are examples of 3 Key Metrics that are used, as shown by Google, as examples

First Contentful Paint

To understand the real metrics and to read in an in-depth manner click here.

Why Chrome User Experience Report?

This report helps you to understand how your website performs against the scores of websites in your industry segment. This basically gives you an idea of how good or bad you stand. 

To take advantage of this, in simple terms, faster the website, the better it is.

Using Chrome User Experience Report for SEO 

The more the time it takes to load your first web page of your website, the more the chances of people abandoning that session. This is a poor factor for Google as far as the ranking for a certain keyword is concerned. 

Such information, if gleaned out, helps with SEO.

The reason is, Google wants to show only those websites which quickly load to be shown in the first page of the search results. This, for Google, is important because it helps improve the User Experience in the Google Website.

Hence, the quicker the page loads, the lesser the drop-outs.

Hence, the CrUX reports gives an insight on the past performance against the current ones. This help us identify if, or not, there are issues. Fix them and see Google loving your webpage!

Do you not want to grab a position on the first page? Then keep the load time improvement as the top priority!

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