4 SEO Tools you would have missed

Day-to-Day we see a lot of SEO tools on the web and many people would have missed useful SEO tools that are not marketed well. Here are four SEO tools that you would have missed and you would be interested in using.

Keyword frequency analysis (single words, two and three words)

The tool helps to pick top 10 keywords in-group of single, double and three-word keyword phrases from a title, Meta description, Meta keyword and ALT-attributes. This tool can be used to find competitors on-page optimization work related to keyword phrases tags.


Search engine SPAM detector

The tool analysis and finds whether a web page has followed keyword stuffing, doorway farms, hidden text through JavaScript or by CSS. This tool can be used to find web page aspects that search engines could consider as spam.


Backlinks Checker Tool – Backlinks Watch

The tool helps for the best to find everything related to inbound links and covers anchor text, backlinks quality plus limitations with nofollow tag and inbound links Page rank.


Keyword mapping tool

The Keyword Studio tool shows the relation between search terms/keywords in a graphic with a good interface for easier understanding of choosing the right combination of keywords.


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