Google Data Studio for SEO Agencies

Google has come up with quite a few products in the past years. It has been so much that we even do not know the entire product suite. However, we want to bring to your attention a cool product of Google — Data Studio — commonly called Google Data Studio.

Who is Google Data Studio useful for?

If you are an SEO Expert or an SEO Agency, or a Digital Marketing Agency, be it Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads marketing, you would definitely get a chunk of useful information from this article to power up your business.

Google Data Studio

How does Google Data Studio help businesses?

You have done quite a lot of work for your clients. At end of the month or campaign, you want to share the fruits of your hard labour to your client. Writing paragraphs after paragraphs or even throwing in a table of data doesn’t quite help communicate or impress the client. What you need is Beautiful Reports

This is exactly where Google Data Studio kicks in and powers up your business.

Data Studio Template for SEO Agency


If there is ONE take home point from Data studio, it is Reports. It is quite a proven fact that better the reports, the more impressed the clients are and the more they want to work with you. No client likes to pay you based on your words. They need to see the results, and yes, visualize it!

Reports for SEO Agency

Checkout more templates

To achieve this, we have seen quite a few companies do it “their way”. Hire a designer and create reports and manually keep dumping the data week after week or month after month into those report templates. Though there is nothing wrong with this approach, the manual labour takes quite a few hours of effort, and, not to mention the error — January data gets repeated into February & March till the client figures out and compromises the trust he has with you.

Yes, by now you understand that Data studio is able to create beautiful reports. 

Now comes the real cool thing — Automation! 


As much as beautiful reports are key, we need a way to remove the redundancy from our work so that we can focus on the more key things in business.

Google Data studio helps us to do both – Reports & Automation.

We can connect the data sources directly into these report templates that we build and Viola!, the reports start to populate. Once setup, in a click of a button you can view and share these reports to the clients!

Data Source connection for SEO Agency
Google Products

If you are worried that it is limited to Google products, Fret not! This is not limited to Google’s own products. We can connect to 150+ partner connectors, including Facebook, Bing, Amazon and the like. 

3rd Party Connectors
3rd Party Connectors

So just don’t wait. Quickly log into Google Data Studio and connect the data sources and start impressing your client with real data and real achievements!

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