Using dotProject for web project management

Out of my experience in handling various projects for our company, I have realized this one hardcore fact that Project Management is one of the very essential constituents of a project. I was initially going through various PM tools and found dotProject to be a useful tool. Since then our company has been using dotProject as one of our PM tools. We usually give the access to our clients so that they can check the status of the project any time they need.

Being an open source tool, it also facilitated me and my fellow colleagues to use it the way we need it. I can customize it the way I require, as per the requirements. This comes as a boon to me as I can keep my clients happy by delivering them the project status, the way they need. So contended clients, which means a happy company and a happy me! 🙂

To wrap it up, I have listed few of the advantages below that I have experienced in dotProject PM tool, which are

  • Calendar updates
  • Task delegation details
  • Various report generation like approaching deadlines, timelines, modules pending and completed, and much more
  • Managing multiple projects and tasks, files with forum support

So if project management is what is stealing your night’s sleep, then relax! dotProject is the solution!