15 SEO Tips and Hints for 2009

If you are an SEO analyst or specialist here are few techniques which are used widely these days. I am not going to explain the boredom basics, which could turn you off 🙂 If you need to refresh basic and regular tips / techniques you can go to these below topics:

(1) Search Engine Optimization for Beginners
(2) Increasing Link Popularity
(3) Practical SEO Techniques (Free Ebook)
(4) SEO for Ecommerce sites
(5) Understanding site visitors
(6) Developing SEO friendly URLs
(7) SEO for Flash sites

Now comes the few important SEO tips that might be useful for the year 2009. Some are bit simple but I am sure the post is certainly a good list to use. 🙂

(1) First and foremost is a regular update of content. Absolutely unique and fresh content which target business and resource keywords
(2) Video Content with product or service link and adding to YouTube videos and related sites
(3) Regular update on website page in RRS Feed and submit to feed directories
(4) Audio content for Podcasting, a new target of Google
(5) Optimizing photos and images with alternative (ALT) attributes and image name with related keywords or theme
(6) Add tags to your site or blog
(7) Add and set your sitemaps to authenticate your feeds in Google, Yahoo, and MSN
(8) Get high-quality Backlinks on a local and regional directories, yellow pages, classified apart from general directories so that you can get high priority in local search engines too like Google.co.uk, Google.in soon
(9) Get listed in Google Local Business Center
(10) Get socially informed listing in Twitter and related sites
(11) Press release and News submission so that you won’t miss chance betting listed in Google news
(12) Regular update of your blog and submitting to blog directories
(13) Work on measures to reduce your website bounce rate
(14) Modify and update your existing website comparing with SEO checklist and also update your checklist frequently to current SEO industry
(15) Keep checking your competitor’s progress. Learn what they do to target your customers.

So work on these tips apart from your regular SEO practices and techniques and become an SEO ruler of 2009 😉