10 Minutes SEO Checklist to review your SEO Considerations

This Simple SEO checklist will help you  follow steps to rank your site in major search engines

You just need to spend 10 minutes to review your site with the below SEO checklist. If you can mark “yes” to most of the SEO considerations then your site will be having a reasonable traffic which can be developed further by consulting an SEO professional or by going through some good practical SEO techniques





Met? (Yes/No)


Page Titles & Heading


Does the Site has different page titles for at least the main sections (preferably each page)

Are HTML text headings used rather than images?


Does the Page uses <h1> tags that preferably match page title and are located as far to the top and left of page as possible

4 Does the headings been made bold and uses a style sheet
5 Does the Title seems to be meaningful and enticing as a click able link in search engine results

Site Platform & Coding

6 Is the Primary content on site is readable by a search engine and avoids use of un-index able technology/coding language to display (e.g. Flash, JavaScript, Images for text etc)
7 Does the Site avoids use of frames or iframes to display content
8 Does the Site avoids use of redirection scripts

Meta Information

9 Does the Meta keywords and description for each page contain less than 64 words
10 Are the Meta keywords and description relevant to each pages specific content
11 Are the Meta keywords and description listed in order of importance not arbitrarily
12 Does the Meta keywords and descriptions include singular, plural and variations in spelling of core keywords
13 Is the Meta description tag present and properly filled (not stuffed!) with keywords?

Content Imaging & Graphics

14 Do you use a naming strategy for images including appropriate keywords linked to the page theme
15 Does all the clickable images have alt tags that include appropriate keywords
16 Is the relevant key phrase appropriately sprinkled throughout the page’s text content?
17 Have we Specified image height and width for all images?


18 Does all pages be able to be reached via text links. Dynamic and exploding menus can often not be read by search engines
19 Do we Use anchor tags wrapped around keywords for long pages
20 Does all the pages have header and footer links
21 Does the site has sitemap with all the navigational links

And in addition above simple SEO checklist will be very much helpful for designers who tries to follow the best SEO design practices Cheers 🙂

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