CRO Tools That Can Go Hand In Hand With Your SEO


Internet marketers would be aware of the importance of generating maximum visibility for their business. However, they aren’t well-versed with the right strategies to be used at the right time to accomplish this objective. Both conversion rate optimization and SEO work wonders for a site, however, when linked together these two strategies can work in tandem with your enterprise objectives.

If you are looking forward to optimizing your enterprise goals and increase digital representation, the perfect combination of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and SEO will be imperative. It’s crucial to captivate potential consumers and always keep them updated with your offerings. With SEO strategies and CRO tips going hand in hand, you are sure to climb up the SERPs quite fast.

The ‘bond’ that lasts long

SEO and CRO have to work together in order to deliver the expected outcomes in improving the visibility of the business among your potential customers. Here are some ways in which it can be done to boost your business’ search rankings:

  • Focusing on individual products
  • Using keywords strategically
  • Having compelling, relevant, and crystal clear headlines
  • Creating simple conversion processes
  • Testing

Tools to look for

Combining SEO efforts and targeted CRO strategies would be a tough game without support from the right set of tools. Here’s a sneak peek into the world of exclusive, innovative, and sought-after SEO tools:

  1. Optimizely

When it boils down to achieving professional-grade AB Testing, nothing can get better than Optimizely. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this particular tool:

  • Easy to sync as the tool supports a wide provider-base
  • Availability of Multivariate Testing
  • Testing of diverse variations
  • Easy to edit with basic HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Presence of advanced testing features

In spite of these features and highlights, Optimizely isn’t quite within the reach of general users. Most of its attractive features are available in the enterprise plan which makes it a bit inaccessible too.

  1. Crazy Egg

Understanding people’s interaction is of paramount significance for a site owner. You must have an idea of how people react and interact with the attractive elements in your page. The four standout features include Confetti, Scroll Maps, Heat Maps, and Overlay Tools. Crazy Egg Users have come up with the following benefits:

  • Neat and clean overlay features
  • Confetti enables click-viewing and also aids in the identification of search terms, referral sources, and location.
  • Built-in segmentation for new features
  • Visualization of paths taken by potential visitors in the sales funnel

Crazy Egg doesn’t allow API integration with 3rdparty software which might pose a restriction for users. Those looking for standalone AB testing tools might not find the best support from this tool.

  1. HotJar

HotJar can prove to be the right resource for CRO optimization if you can tap into the right areas. Here’s how to go about the process with HotJar:

  • Setting up Heat map for pages with high bounce rates and traffic
  • Identifying drivers with huge traffic
  • Send ‘Hotjar user survey’ via mail
  • It needs a ‘live chat’ module for better user efficacy

Signing off

You will never wish to offer a negative experience to your visitors. Without the perfect amalgamation of CRO and SEO, it won’t be possible to keep users hooked on to your site. These tools will accelerate marketing thus helping you achieve the highest search rankings.

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