Build Ecommerce stores with AngularJS – 4 solutions compared

Angular ECommerce Store

The ecommerce sector racked up $2.3 trillion in sales worldwide in 2017 and is projected to reach a whopping $4.5 trillion by 2021. This shows the phoneme business traction gained by this sector. A key reason for this development is the fact that several online tools make ecommerce extremely easy to manage and provide a stellar user experience.

Ecommerce content management systems (CMS) have a major role to play in ensuring that the online retail stores meet the stated objective of delivering a secure marketplace for online shoppers. For budding entrepreneurs, using a client-side framework like AngularJS can speed up delivery of secure, dynamic, and robust UI for ecommerce users. With its MVC architecture and security against injection attacks or cross-site scripting, it has become the base technology for many ecommerce solutions.

Here are the top 4 off-the-shelf ecommerce solutions that use AngularJS.


It allows any website to be converted to a full-fledged ecommerce portal in a matter of minutes. Developers can work in any CMS or programming language and use a few lines of code to transform a website to a transactional platform. In addition to that, the tool will essentially enable ecommerce on WordPress platforms and other similar assets. With APIs, they can sync multiple functions like email marketing, inventory management, and shipping fulfillment.


This CMS tool is designed efficiently for both developers and entrepreneurs as well. From the perspective of a developer, the Angular technology would make the entire process easier, time effective and fun to perform.
In terms of the advantages, the developer gets to do the following:

  • Pick the essential components that the developer needs at a particular time instead of having to go through the whole stack.
  • Make easy installation and configuration of the components that he/she may have made the use of.
  • Easily trace bugs using the “TypeScript AutoComplete” feature before the entire project has been initialized for complete launch.

From the point of an entrepreneur, the advantages are as follows:

  • Provides them with multiple professionals that can work on the existing project from any particular point of time.
  • Independent payment plans that have been designed to ensure that you pay for what you get. In easier terms, the payment is only made for the services that you have received.
  • You can add an array of tools and new features to your ecommerce project based on your needs.

This solution developed using Node JS and Angular JS will help to architect an aesthetically pleasing ecommerce website complete with easy navigation and seamless surfing experience.
The admin panel is extensively easy to use, which ensures that the entrepreneur has complete access to all the integrals and essentials of the website. Therefore, he/she can add an unlimited number of pages, images of products, product categories, catalogs, content and much more very easily.


This is yet another CMS, which has been designed using Angular JS technology to make your ecommerce expedition better, easier and much more beneficial. This architecture allows the person to integrate essential elements to their ecommerce website, which will allow them to sell instantly and without hassle.
The advantages of the system include:

  • Reduced load on the server.
  • Enhanced performance and visual aesthetics.
  • Enhanced user experience in terms of seamless surfing and fast loading.


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