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We did an initial run on JavaScript frameworks to establish the best framework which works for our required web application. To the layman, JavaScript is a scripting language which is primarily used in web applications to provide enhanced browsing experience. Simplistically speaking, a JavaScript framework is a prewritten compendium of JavaScript features and methods which help the developer to generate cross-browser compliant codes.

Our analysis of JavaScript frameworks focused on the following major framework forms:

1)      MooTools

MooTools allows the user to write flexible and classic cross-browser codes through its well documented and comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API). This is definitely not a framework for the novice beginner; rather it is a boon for the intermediate and advanced developer. By virtue of being exhaustively documented, it is very easy to browse through and use. Another added advantage is that it is available under the Open Source License, which permits access and modifier rights at every step in the development process.


2)      Dojo

Another popular and powerful framework available for experienced users is Dojo. The biggest advantage which Dojo offers to the developer is the options of surfing through various complex web application requirements like grids, charts, 3D effects etc. apart from enhancing HTML capabilities. It has found widespread acceptance in developing web applications on all forms like mobiles and desktops.

You can view some of the demos at


3)      UIZE

UIZE is another free to use developer framework which is extensively used for developing complex JavaScript development frameworks. Its ease of use among several server languages and platforms makes it a hot favorite among developers. Though not unique, its ease of use in a lot of small yet basic widgets like menus, calendar, slideshows etc. has been critically acclaimed. UIZE supports many features like DOM and templates.


4)      JavaScript MVC

If you are looking for a robust, no-nonsense approach for developing your framework, JavaScript MVC is probably just right for you. Apart from features available in other frameworks mentioned above, it offers an insight into global best practices and conventions by showcasing successful projects. Of course, its other features like code generators, dependency management, widget repository, documentation and code cleaning are equally impressive.


Choosing one among the above frameworks is a tricky proposition. We recommend users to evaluate the above frameworks based on what they truly require as their development requirements – whether it is widget features, documentation requirements, free usage or above all, a truly top notch web application development experience.

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