4 WordPress plugins to create Multimedia rich websites and blogs

WordPress is a simple and handy platform that is highly used in creating blogs and is also one of my favorite blog platforms, WordPress plugins that are used along with it can create excellence to sites. Out of many WordPress plugins that are available, I have chosen 4 that are my darlings, from the Multimedia point of view. These plugins are highly useful with regards to creating Multimedia-rich websites and blogs, and I also am of the impression that they are simple to use, without any complications or hassles.

(1) Kaltura Video recording and managementhttp://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/kaltura-interactive-video

This plugin is quite apt to make the videos in your blog more interactive. With facilities like uploading, importing and recording of videos into your blog posts,  modify videos with the help of an online video editor; this plugin is definitely a hit! What I like the best in this is that this plugin also supports a huge variety of codecs and audio/video file formats along with video sharing options. In short, complete management and administration of videos are possible with this wizard!

(2) MTR Audio and Podcast Recorder 

I would say a “must-download plugin” for the Podcast freaks; this plugin is called the MTR Podcast recorder that allows all the recordings to be saved in MP3 format. It is saved in the same server as that of WordPress. The best part that I like in this plugin is that it allows handling the records and musical selection lists from the WordPress administration itself. This helps in easy playlists management and overall blog site administration.

(3) NextGEN Photo Galleryhttp://alexrabe.boelinger.com/wordpress-plugins/nextgen-gallery

One of my most favorites, this photo gallery plugin is very useful, especially for those interested in creating and sorting their own image collections. This plugin has a tinge of Web 2.0 and jQuery JavaScript library, all packed in one. The users can also upload images that have watermarked text or images. The best thing is that various JavaScript effects like Thickbox, Lightbox and the likes can be used.

(4) Kimili Embedded Flash (Tool no longer exist)

So if you want to embed flash based movies into your blog, then Kimili is the best choice! A very flexible plugin with many features attached to it, Kimili also complies with the standards. It is very useful for search engine optimization of blogs, as the plugin itself is search engine friendly. What’s more, this plugin also gels on well with other plugins in its 1.2 version and hence is definitely the best pick for WordPress.

I have found these plugins to be remarkable and of great use to me. There are many more great plugins from WordPress, and if you feel anyone or more of them have stirred your web designing senses, then do not forget to suggest about them in my comments section.