Download our new free flash guestbook, easy to integrate with your website

A guestbook allows you to keep a check on who has been visiting your website.
Getting feedback becomes all the more easy with the all-new guest book from Macronimous.

Forget boring forms. The real difficulty in getting feedback is to push the visitor to leave behind little information.  The fun to use guestbook from Macronimous tempts your user to enter and record his visit to your website. The exciting new guestbook gives you the feel and effect of a real book by allowing you to flip pages. Whatever information the user gives looks cool on the guest book, which automatically inspires him to leave an impression behind.

You can also get the freedom to delete unwanted entries. Change textures and colors with the slightest possible effort. Customize the guest book to your taste and need.

The new flash guestbook is easily integrated with your website. The annoying coding can be done away with. A few clicks will get the new guestbook right into your website. You don’t have to be a computer geek to get your guestbook fixed.

Please look at flash guestbook screenshots below,

Flip to open pages:

The flash powered guestbook is totally secure giving you 100% Spam protection. It is XHTML based, so you get the complete guestbook on any browser. The coding is minimal, so you can still retain your web page lightweight.

Macronimous also goes a step further in making sure to get your feedback precisely by maintaining your guest book for you.

Get this cool new flash guestbook from Macronimous and send your feedback to us. Download it for free, click here.

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