Responsive web design to make your site mobile ready – Is it worth doing?

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

You own a website successfully now but did you ever find out if your website is accessible and viewable with any of the smartphones? It is great if you have your site designed aesthetically using Flash or any other jazzy technology unless you have your website compatible with the current smartphones, your effort may go wasted. These days your website must be compatible with the cell phone browsers as most of the young users are going online using their mobile phones. There are more mobile phones than there are TVs in the world now. Mobile is here to stay and by time the usage will only increase. With the increase in a number of smartphone users accessing the internet, it is essential for every business to progress into the mobile world of internet. The very reason why you have a website is making you think of the importance of having a site that is mobile friendly. There will be a time when this feature will become a necessity rather than a nicety. So do not wait until that moment comes, take a step forward in making your site mobile ready.
Responsive Web Design (RWD) – The Long Term Solution
Creating a website version each for different resolutions is not the best way to make your website mobile ready. This will become an unmanageable and a daunting task. RWD is a whole new way of thinking about design over and beyond the adjustable screen resolutions with automatically resizable images. With RWD using CSS3 and media queries you can have a single page that will perfectly display the content and images on diverse screen sizes with high resolution. By detecting the user’s screen size which includes validation of screen height, width, resolution and other variables the corresponding CSS3 is applied allowing flexibility of a page in accordance with the user’s device. With some changes to your website style, you can make your site compatible with all kinds of smartphones.
Why Target Mobile Users?
It is logical to wonder why one would want to invest more money now inexpensive RWD. You will be amazed by the fact that the global internet usage through mobile devices is doubling year after year. This year the mobile browsing has increased by 10.01%. Even though the mobile usage seems to be just about 10%, but the rate of this growth is outstanding. With this kind of increase in the mobile usage for online browsing, it means that now people are using these devices to do online shopping as well. You will have to eventually keep up with this pace and make your website compatible with mobile devices. This will give you the edge to be the spearhead in the market and attract more leads and grow your business drastically.
Having heavy sites that take forever to load is not only cumbersome but will also drive away the users from visiting the site again. Mobile users have very little patience and to add to that mobile is very sensitive and also take a lot of time to load heavy websites. Another reason for the frustration of mobile users is that they have to view the site on a small screen with minuscule links.
As per a recent research, customers who end up with not so good experience with a website while browsing in their mobile will not prefer to do business with them again and 40 percent will turn to their competitor website. Let your website NOT be the one to lose out on business due to an incompatible website.
Get Started
You can get started on knowing how your site looks like when you view it from a mobile device. There are many online tools that give you this ability for free. This will give you a good idea of what looks good and what doesn’t fit for a mobile phone. You can use this site to find out how your website looks on a smartphone. You can test your site for any broken links and you can also see the aesthetics of your site and find out how it looks on the mobile. You will also realize if the content and the graphics used are skewed or not. Here are some of the questions you can answer to find out if your site is mobile ready.
• If your business is trying to sell something, is the shopping cart visible?
• Is the font used readable? Is the content easy to read and understand on the small device?
• How long does the site take to load on a mobile?
• Can the customer find what they are looking for?
• Can the links be clicked at ease with a thumb?
Once you know the answers to these questions, you will know why you need to have a mobile-friendly site. Remember just because your website comes up on a smartphone doesn’t make it mobile friendly. Mobile marketing has become an indispensable element of marketing these days.
Services Out There
There are many solutions out there that allow small to large businesses to develop mobile websites.
• Google Mobile Optimizer (Go Mo) is a tool by Google that will allow you to test your site. They will be able to give many tips on how you can transform your site into a mobile version.
• MobiReady is a similar tool where you can test your site and they also offer detailed reports on the potential areas of improvement in making your site mobile friendly.
• DudaMobile is also like GoMo and MobiReady. They have many templates that you can choose from for the mobile version that will just make you and your users happy.
Interesting Statistics
• 17% of mobile phone users use their phones for online browsing rather than using the traditional desktops.
• There has been a 10.01 % increase in mobile browsing in 2012.
• It is estimated that the mobile internet usage will surpass the desktop internet usage by 2013.
• Web browsing figures have risen to 111.2 million using phones alone.
• A recent survey has shown that 75% of customers would like to have a mobile ready website.
There are 90% of businesses that are out there with a website that is not mobile ready. Belong to the mobile ready category as early as possible and make a difference to your business goals.

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