Measures to reduce your website bounce rate

Have you heard of the term “Bounce Rate” and thinking of what is it and how to reduce it? If you are using Google Analytics it is well and good, in Google Analytics you should have noticed “Bounce Rate” in Dashboard section and Top Content section. Bounce Rate is calculated using percentage of visitors who view the site page and exit your site without navigating other pages or closing the browser. Few sites generate high bounce rates and it should not be more than 40% for normal sites with pages related to only services and 60% to 70% for sites with pages related to services, resources, tutorials, promotional articles and downloads

If the site has more number of resources pages or products, once user gets information from specific page they will obviously close the page thereby leading to increase in bounce rate.

So, to grab the attention of the visitor or to help or divert the visitor to similar useful content pages, we also need to focus on user-friendly site navigation and we need to highlight similar or related resources, products or services on the page where user lands from search engine or from a referral link. Below are some measures that may help to reduce bounce rate of a specific page

1. Work on site load speed
2. Improve Look and feel of the design
3. Avoid too many ads
4. Add breadcrumbs
5. Add Similar or related pages / articles / products
6. Add Popular pages / articles / products
7. Avoid auto play video
8. Using H tag in titles properly
9. Highlight important sections in content
10. Avoid popup
11. Surveys and polls to vote and users to be around the pages
12. Tag clouds

Try out these measures and let us know how your site performs 🙂

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