4 SMO Sites – 4 places to promote your social media content

Social media optimization (SMO), a type of search engine marketing, is a collection of practices used for networking and promotional needs, via word of mouth. This is produced not through family or friends but by the usage of networking in online community sites, video sites, social bookmarking and photo sharing sites. There are various ways of imbibing SMO, for example, by adding RSS feeds, including buttons of various SMO sites, blogging etc.

If you are new to the world of SMO, then there are chances that you might be swept over by many SMO sites. Here are four sites that might be of great use to one who is on the lookout of good SMO sites.


Del.icio.us is (part of the Yahoo family) one of the most quondam social networking sites and also one of the best among SMO sites. Also very popular in the US, this is a collection of favorites of its members. This site allows saving links of favorite articles, sharing them with others while also discovering new sites and articles of interest.


Being one of the most preferred and famous social bookmarking sites, this site has become one of the predominant names in the field of SMO. The articles in the site have been segregated into two portions called the “Popular” and “Upcoming”. As the names clearly suggest, Popular means the articles that are popular among the members and Upcoming contains articles that are gaining popularity and importance.


Another great way to know and share great websites is through this site. Contributing to SMO to a greater extent, StumbleUpon allows rating of various sites, articles etc, which proves useful for the fellow readers. This site allows discovering new sites and also networking between like-minded people.


This livewire site is an all time-updating part of the web that includes tagging, blogs and anything that is found of use, by its members. The site also allows commenting on topics by other members, thus developing a community of similar minded people. This site also promotes Blog reactions, which are articles or blogs that are connected or linked to your blogs. Your rank or authority in the site is decided, depending on the number of blog reaction links that your blog has.

With the field of SMO enriching and gaining importance very rapidly, these sites go a long way in making one understand what an SMO site is and how useful it can be to promote your business online.