4 Keyword tools for professional SEO

Keywords! The very word has gained so much importance in the past few years, in the field of online marketing. To make the work a bit easier for the keyword writers, there are many tools available nowadays. If one gets an idea of the people’s needs and queries that they type into the search engines, it would become easier to create and optimize the content along with getting links to it.

There are various keyword tools whose services are both for free and paid as well. I have listed down the top 4 Keyword tools that are free to be used by anyone.

Google Keyword Tool

A wonderful keyword tool from the house of Google, this site offers many keyword ideas even for the driest of words! When we enter a keyword or phrase, it lists out various related keywords along with shaded bars of the number of advertisers who are tendering on a keyword throughout Google, the search volume of that word in the previous month and the average search volume of that keyword in the previous 12 months. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?! I mean, how many other free tools can boast of these many features?!

Spy Fu

From the house of Velocityscape, this is another useful tool for keywords ideas. This site gives you to spy out on the keywords that your competitor is investing on! Available both in free and paid versions, it lists out the Ads for a particular keyword, the search results which is helpful in terms of SEO, the organic competitors involved and the Ad competitors. A sure check-it-out site!


This site provides various keyword ideas with details on the particular keyword used in the past 100 days, the predicted number of daily searches done on famous search engines and the competition numbers on Google Yahoo and MSN. Also if you log in then you have the facility to save the searches that you have made. Cool, isn’t it?!

SEO Book Keyword Tool

Another free keyword tool, this site bombards too much of information! Shows the word tracker count, the daily estimate of top search engines separately, the various Google trends and much much more! This site also provides facility to download the content to CSV.

Search Engine keywords have become very important for a business to flourish online. Such tools give various combinations of keywords, along with search count, the costs involved and search results, thus making keyword writing easier and more effortless.

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