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Link popularity is one of the methods to increase the traffic in your site. This is an excellent way by which your online website can be recognized to a greater extent. It refers to the procedure in which many links or hyperlinks from various other sites are linked to your site, thus increasing the chances of others discovering your site’s existence! The more the links attached the better. This ultimately brings good traffic flow to your site.

It is not enough if your site has many links, it is important to find out what is the quality of these links and who is linking to your site. Links that are positioned in a better manner are definite to achieve continuous traffic. I have given about 4 link popularity tools below. They are free to be used and are also accurate.

Marketing Tools

Famous for SEO tools industry, this site has a tool for link popularity checking as well. It gives immediate reports on the link popularity of a site. The results offered are from 3 major search engines Yahoo, Google and MSN. Here, the URL has to be given in the slot and it results in the number of backlinks available to that site, as per the search engines.


This is another cool site that is an accurate checker. It asks for the URL for which the popularity is to be checked. The checker also gives options to compare with 3 other URLs as well. One of the useful features in this site is that it also provides the specific industry that the search has to be performed upon, depending upon the site’s home industry. If there is no necessity to confine the search to a particular industry, then the category “General” can be chosen as well. Once the details are given, it gives the search results under two headings … Google/AOL/HotBot and Yahoo/FAST/AltaVista. Definitely recommended!

SEO Centro

This site is a simple yet effective tool for checking the number of links to your site. It gives search results from 5 popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live, AllTheWeb and AltaVista. The total number of links obtained from all the search engines is also given here. This is split up into various bands starting from 0-250 references, 251-1000 references etc. Each band is given a specific colour as well, for easy identification. The site also has the links of the searches for you to check out. A cool site indeed!

SEO Book Tools

This is a simple to use, at the same time an efficient site. The URL of the site to be checked is entered, along with URLs of up to three other sites that you want to compare your site with. The result page gives the numbers of the searches in various search engines along with that of the comparison sites as well.

These link popularity check tools are useful in terms of knowing the status of the backlinks linked to your site. Ultimately all this is done for a single fact – the more the site’s traffic and its popularity, the better its rankings in various search engines

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