Alternatives to Google Analytics to measure your ROI

Our SEO team likes Google analytics, But they still generate some reports manually and simplify some of the reports generated by Google to make it readable to clients. Not all the clients will understand the detailed reports from Google Analytics. They need facts and figures, easily understandable. So, always our SEO enthusiasts are looking for some tools to make their life easy, no surprise they wanted some tools as an alternative to Google analytics.

1. Piwik Open source web analyticsa>: A web-analytics software which is free(open source), is a real good way of calculating website ROI. It gives perfect reports on the keyword phrases and search engines, popular web pages etc.  It also has its own plug-in that is built-in for increased efficiency, with the facility of getting the reports in various formats like XML, PHP, CSV and the likes.

2. Engine Ready Conversion Analyst: Another powerful analytics tool, the Engine Ready conversion Analyst is an alternate to Google analytics. You can generate reports on website ROI, from keywords used in search engines, emails, banners or absolutely any other online campaigns that you perform. Engine ready is not a free service, but believe the services are definitely worth a shot. You also have a demo option, and only if you are happy, you would need to proceed with the purchase option, which I feel is quite decent enough.

Comments are welcome, if you have even better tools, post them. !  

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