7 Questions you must ask your SEO customer before you start anything!

Here are the few (might look silly sometimes) we ask our SEO clients before we do anything, means even before we study their website.

1. Describe the type of customers/audiences/visitors that you are targeting with your website.
2.What are the products or services that you provide?
3.What are your target specific keywords? Do you know what your customers  will type into the search engine to find you?
4.Who are your major competitors online? Do you know them, how they perform online?
5.What is the geographic scope of your market- International /National/ Regional/Local?
6.Do you have web stats (statistics) for your current site and monitoring the visitor status regularly?
7. Will you be interested in site restructuring, minor redesigns and content change if we strongly recommend?
Promoting a client’s website in promoting their business. So, understanding their business is more important, and getting an insight into what they do, should be the first step you should do. Keep this in mind if you want to help them and retain them, since SEO clients are long term clients, and they rely on your marketing abilities.

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