Drop down Menus for WordPress CMS – Plugins reviewed

Organizing of content is done in a better way using the drop down menus. But coding them could be a heck of a task. Thanks to some of the finest plug-ins that cater to the drop down menus needed  for WordPress, we can use them on our websites or blogs for easy drop down navigation. This plug-in can also be customized manually for better presentation.

Discussed below are four drops down plug-ins, for sites enabled with WordPress.

1. Suckerfish WordPress Plug-in: It can be downloaded from here. Suckerfish has already existing drop down design, but the same can also be customized using the CSS generator, which very well suits this plug-in. The site clearly explains the procedure to install the plug-in onto your website.

2. Zack Designs: A three level drop down menu has been developed by Zack Designs, for WordPress. This looks to be really promising and efficient as well. You can download it from here. But one thing is that this would be a strict no-no for people who are not well conversant with CSS, especially if you are attempting to make changes to the existing design that the plug-in provides.

3. Gouden Douche plug-in: Depending upon the page list, the drop down menu is created on your website, by this plug-in. It has about 3 versions of the plug-in and is still in the beta version. All the 3 versions have specific requirements, with the latest one still having few bugs in it; still, it is definitely worth a look and a try, in case you are able to fix the glitches. With the beta version that has come out, it sure looks to be a promising WordPress drop down plug-in.

4. TransMenu: A very swift and animated drop down menu, TransMenu is easy to install at the same time makes drop downs more attractive as well. With options to include pages and sub-pages inside, the drop down is definitely a very good idea for starters. The site also gives detailed information about how to go about installing the plug-in.

It would be good to try them out first in any blog if the features are compatible with your requirements and try applying them in your WordPress enabled sites.