Simplify Database admin with free MySQL tools

Briefed below are four MySQL tools that are really interesting, and you would like to review them and test them for better DB management experience. They do a fairly good job with the database admin management and good alternates to phpMyAdmin.

1. SQL Buddy: A tool that allows you to get more work done for less, the SQL Buddy tool though not very colorful and flashy, is very easy to navigate and fast loading as well. This saves a lot of time and also allows using it the very moment it is saved in the system. Also transferring of data between servers and .csv file export is also possible here.

2. Sidu: Another database admin tool with some wonderful features, including filtering and segregating of table list of a database. Also free controlling of table grouping, depending on first few characters of the table name is made possible. This tool also assists in table access using the GUI feature. Data import is also possibly done easily here.

3. My DB Studio: One of the best features that MyDB possesses is that it assists in SSH tunneling that helps in securing one’s connections, along with backup and restore database options. The tool also provides functionalities like creating, altering and deleting tables using WYSIWYG. The tool also aids in creating complete PHP scripts. This tool can be downloaded here.

4. MySQL Front: Another GUI for MySQL, this tool has complete control over the graphic display giving us more options to present the information clearly. One of the highlights of this tool is that it can make direct contacts with the database, thereby storing login ids and passwords, on your hard disk. This saves you from losing time spent to log in at various web interfaces. Basically, this tool is helpful for those designers who are not very lettered about databases and only have a basic idea about it.

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