Getting started with Digital marketing – Part 7-Newsletter marketing

Newsletter marketing also called email marketing is primarily for small businesses. But many Enterprise firms too rely on it, Since it is one of the best, but old-school Digital Marketing techniques. It helps sending service or product-focused, informational content by email to a subscriber base, comprising of their existing and potential customers.

Businesses can utilize Email newsletters as their key content marketing strategy, to keep their brands top-of-mind for consumers and notify their readers about specific products that may interest them. If integrated into their CRMs, it helps continuous Email Marketing with follow-ups and also gets useful analytics.

Newsletters give online businesses good amounts of opportunity to demonstrate their expertise on the subject of their product range. It also helps to announce new services or products, almost like a press-release. Curated content through regular Emails, with your vertical expertise, can help readers to get updated and learn on the go in no time.

For example, if an ECommerce business uses Newsletters, it can educate subscribers why some styles are popular or a story about the brand or why certain materials are better; the possibilities are varied. These give readers a reason to trust you and tell a story that brings more personality to your brand.

Some of the parameters that get measured to gauge the success of Newsletters are:

  • Increase recipients, measured in subscribers
  • Those who read the newsletter, being measured by open rate
  • Fulfill the desired action (a visit to the website), measured by click-through rate
  • Make a purchase that can be measured in attributed revenue or
  • Simply to touch base with customers/buyers

Not all Newsletters are welcomed to Email boxes. To get customers to read a newsletter, the content needs to be interesting; beyond an attempt to sell them products or services. Users are, generally, more likely to click on an email that is targeted to educate or entertain them. However, with that expectation comes the necessity to actually follow through on the subject’s promise. So, A content team is a base for Newsletter marketing. 

Newsletters might be big on getting new customers as much as it is on retaining your existing ones. But, only If used well-planned. keeping an in-house team for Newsletter Email marketing is a good idea. But companies simply cannot afford to have a content writer, a designer, necessary tools, a campaign organizer, and more importantly time. Such companies can outsource newsletter marketing to companies like us, Macronimous. 

Loyal customers with a deep attachment to a particular company spend more on their (the company’s) products than average consumers and, thus, the newsletter becomes a tool that helps brands stand out.

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