Getting started with Digital marketing – Part 1 – The major channels for the new decade.

Digital Marketing

We have planned to write a series of blogs on Digital Marketing. We will explain things in simple terms. We will try to cover the maximum. Each will come in different titles.

We are Macronimous crossed 20+ years in Digital Marketing. This team “Digital Marketing” is present here for a long time, But it keeps expanding its wings. It was only SEO and Banner advertisements, two decades ago. But now, we can see it is getting consolidated into some major channels, which are listed below.

  1. SEO the conventional, slow, and steady way! Investment can spread across months. The disadvantage is capturing ROI is not easy. Google is ever-changing and evaluating its strategies with web sites and algorithms.
  2. AdWords Aggressive but money goes out fast. However, ROI is visible. Spend-optimization can help money going out less. You may need experts to guide you in order to avoid large credit card bills.
  3. Local SEO Again long term. Mostly DIY for clients. We can even manage without spending much expect time. BUT- Review management could be painful at times. Need to build client relationships continuously, off-line as well.
  4. Newsletters – Send newsletters with information about your business, offers, new product, etc. If you are already doing this, It should become a part of your CRM. But it may not help to acquire new clients. However, it helps your clients to remember you and helps you to win them back again and again. Curative content will help them to educate too.
  5. Landing pages and lead generation campaigns – Similar to newsletters, we can create landing pages and outreach with offers/incentives, etc with the call to actions. The disadvantage is collecting target Email addresses. Marketing Hub helps in this for effective management.
  6. Social Media Marketing – Last but not least. For some businesses, this should be the first! Identifying the right Social Media platform could be challenging. Also, you need to find out if you want to engage your existing followers or do Paid Ads and promotion campaigns.

In all the above you will require content creation. Especially in SEO, Newsletters, Landing pages, and SMM. Hence they become Content Marketing. You will need a writer, graphic designer, and even video content developers if you want to spend through YouTube.

We will cover some interesting sections below for you to learn continuously.

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