Getting started with Digital marketing – Part 3 – The most common challenges

What is Digital mak

The most common challenges in setting up your Digital Marketing Strategy

There are challenges in Digital Marketing. But most of them can be addressed with a good initial analysis. Here are a few common challenges that you could face.

  1. Getting lost in the volume

The online world continues to boom. Every business is out there with their products/services. The challenge is to make your brand stand out from among the many scenes on the internet.

It is difficult to stand out when trying to run a brand awareness campaign or bringing in new customers.

  1. Bringing in relevant traffic to the website

Marketers always face a challenge when they have to spread brand awareness in the correct target markets. This also makes it harder to drive the relevant traffic to their websites.

Understanding which channel to tap into and driving the appropriate audience to your website in order to turn them into customers continues to be a challenge for marketers.

  1. Lead vs. Revenue generation using social media

Most businesses and marketers don’t know how to remain consistent when working on social channels. They assume that it is only about the paid campaigns they are to be running for both brand awareness and lead generation.

Even though businesses set aside considerable amounts for their marketing budgets, most marketers are not able to transform the engagement that they receive into revenue.

  1. Keeping up with the changing trends

The digital marketing world changes drastically to cater to market needs as both technology and people up their game.

Whether it is a tweak on a social media platform or a technology that would add heft to a marketing effort, marketers have to be on top of matters and ensure that businesses latch on to all possible conversions.

  1. Increased security risks

There’s a new case of online security getting compromised almost every other day. Since a much greater amount of confidential information is shared online nowadays, hackers have equally greater incentives to find ways to get through website security.

You will need to counter any resulting site-crashes etc by having a good server and web development team available to bring the system back up in the shortest amount of time.

One of the costs of venturing into digital marketing is that of security getting compromised since most of the work stays online.

In the next blog, we will discuss some of the most common Digital Marketing tactics and Digital Marketing platforms/channels involved.

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