Social Media Marketing for your business – Why bother?

Social Media Marketing

A great weapon to your upcoming digital marketing campaign arsenal is incomplete without factoring in Social Media. Though there are great tools, approaches, and methodologies to aid in increasing your brand visibility over the online space, very few come close to matching the unbeatable edge provided by Social Media management.

As internet marketing specialists look to tweak their 2016 strategies for online marketing, they have very good reasons to provide prominence to social media as an important ploy to gain more quality leads, build better buzz around their brand, and drive amazing conversion not available with other digital marketing tactics. Here are some compelling reasons why you simply cannot avoid social media as we step into 2016 –

  1. Social Media to propel Search Engine RankingsSEO remains the core of many internet marketing strategies. However, it will be perilous to ignore social media simply because of the reason as to billions of people logged on to these platforms (almost 95%-98% of which are still untapped for your business). If utilized appropriately, the kind of targeted web traffic and high quality leads propagated by social media remains unparalleled.

What won’t work – Creating scores of accounts on social media to create incorrect buzz? Naah! Too bad a social media strategy.

What will work – Get a dedicated social presence on known social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitters, Google+ However make sure not to confuse readers by creating multiple profiles for your brand.

  1. Amplify lead generation through social media – Social media has been a universal favorite when prospecting for new business leads.

What won’t work – Merely having “likes” on your business page on social media won’t cut it in today’s times. You need to prompt users to leave more information behind so that you can contact them and induce them further down the sales funnel

What will work – Some interesting ways in which you can gain more with your social media can be found here.

Whatever tactic you might adopt – two things are absolutely essential:

  • Convey a clear message that resonates with your brand personality
  • Have a solid call-to-action provided to enable readers to know what to do next
  1. Enhance your brand presence – One of the best ways to attach immense value to your brand is to get social media influencers to interact with it. However, if you feel that Reid Hoffman, Guy Kawasaki or Neil Patel won’t be able to take time out for your emerging brand, then do not worry. There are other ways to improve your brand presence over the social media.

Get a consistent brand look, feel and culture across multiple social media platforms for greater success in brand improvement over social media. This will also help accelerate your related opportunities on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter (lead generation, post-sales support, reply to reviews, etc.)

  1. Boost customer support online – Orders delayed or incorrect orders delivered always make for a bad e-commerce transaction. But what exacerbates the issue is the fact that the aggrieved user takes to social media to vent his/her ire. The result – Your brand reliability suffers a spiraling downfall, real quick. Bad customer servicing may happen because of multiple touchpoints, but the bad handling of an angry customer on social media is entirely up to you. So you need to swoop down fast and placate the customer so that the negative vibes don’t spread out. Below is a case in point for Zappos (unarguably one of the smartest companies to manage their online reputations). They straight away offered a $50 discount coupon to make up for the bad customer servicing. A small but impactful gesture in winning the customer’s trust back.
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