Overcome the challenges of unique content creation

Unique content writing for SEO

Unique content writing for SEO

You must be facing this issue!

Unique content for your website –  that Google asks for.!!!

This is a challenge to you, even though you do something unique, and want to say the world about it, through your website or blog.

We, as a technology company involved in SEO as well as programming  run behind every Google algorithm updates. Panda, the Google algorithm released during early 2011 asks every site owner to come up with unique content.

Programmers consider writing as writers’ job. Writers, in turn, think they cannot write about programming. Though this may be true per se, just think the synergy that can be brought if they sit together! The result is an awesome blog for a company which brings in great, unique and useful content which Google asks for. As you guessed, the challenge is to get them to sit together and work.

Google and unique content:

Google thirsts for unique content. They clearly state that they cater to people who search for Content and not for SEO. This changed the old age SEO techniques which SEO professionals have been following over a decade. Now, every business needs unique content. Where will they go?

Let me take the case of an IT company which is involved in developing software. Here the programmers learn a lot and apply this newly learned and already known knowledge in their day-to-day project activities. However, speaking in a generic sense, most of them are poor in putting it down in a paper what they learned. The reason for not doing so seems to be either limitation in language or they think writing is a writer’s task.

Writers, on the other hand, don’t speak programmers’ language and the challenge for them is to understand what the programmer says. Likewise, programmers do not know how to pass their knowledge in an understandable way for the writer to capture.

Programmers + Copywriters = unique and useful content

They both have to meet at one point in order to create some unique content and there lies the challenge. Not to mention an added complication of ego clashes acting as another barrier to bind them together.

This issue needs to stop somewhere, and there has to be a starting point towards this content creation journey. I would suggest that the starting point originates from the developers or programmers.

Here are a few tips for programmers:

  1. When you, as a programmer, meet with a challenge and find a solution, just scribble in a notepad. It need not be in good English.
  2. Take some code blocks that helped you solve the issue.
  3. Take screenshots whenever possible and write a one-line statement of what it is about.
  4. Now – sit with the copywriter and explain to them in simple words and pass the content to them.
  5. Review the content which your writer supplies, spend time for necessary revisions along with the writer and there you have the content ready.

Are you not in the technology industry but still face this issue?

Replace the programmers in the above scenario with your Sales person or anyone whom you think is involved in a challenging position and start generating useful unique content. Trust me, that is the content what will make Google keep your website (SERP) on top and bring business through your online web presence.

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