White Hat SEO: The never changing strategy for ever changing Algorithms.

The biggest achievement possibly that could be done by a search engine optimizer is to find out what actually search engines does to index sites and very few may have succeeded and by the time they can actually feel the success things normally changes pretty soon and most of them will be back to square one.
The irony is that the few persons who think that they have achieved the mastery of this search engineering may not have used the same strategy but only the crawlers know that none of them are the masters but just optimizers and hence none of the strategies used by them are perfect. In generic terms, the definition of a search engine optimizer is a person who optimizes and promotes websites but search engines have a different definition for them and that is the persons who are following the semantics of the search engines are the search optimizers and that’s it.
White Hat – The Ethical Search Engine Optimization:

Any business will yield many but the ethics that is followed in the business will yield respect from the customers. Likewise, Search Engine Optimization is definitely a business and following ethical search engine optimization techniques will yield respect from search engines and in turn will reflect in the results.
Search engines literally will love sites that follow their guidelines. Generally, search engines change the algorithm when they sense a threat from the competitors and the main problem with search engines is the algorithmic change cannot be predicted and the optimizers can find that only if they find a drastic change in their sites’ search engine positions. Minor changes in search results will not do a big damage but at least for that white hat SEO is the only solution. So it is extremely important for a business concern or service which wants to go for SEO should identify firms that purely follows white hat techniques otherwise there is a huge possibility of getting a hammering on your reputation.
White Hat techniques are never changing.

White Hat techniques are never changing.

Punch Out the effects Algorithmic Changes with White Hat SEO

First of  all not following the unethical SEO techniques itself is a kind of basic white hat SEO J. Search engines keep crawling such sites and the moment it finds any search engine changes additionally it unbelievably pushes up the positions of the site.
To be more specific regarding white hat SEO, there are certain basic things, which are absolutely required. And of course, they are related to the design and the structure of the site.
Any website with an apt META data, pleasing design and the most importantly free flowing business content of the website following the SEO content guidelines will fetch more value in comparison with the competitors and these factors absolutely matters in the search engine positioning. And all these search engines friendly factors should be ably supported by quality back linking.
The most important thing while building links for a website is to make sure the linking pages are absolutely related to the business.
When all these factors are firm in your website any algorithmic change will not have a big effect on your site’ search engine positioning and most probably only additions (that depends on what algorithms expect) should be made to tackle the algorithmic change.
“Overall white hat SEO is the only promotion strategy that will last long and every business website should follow white hat search engine optimization techniques to get followed by the search engines”.
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