Using Twitter for SEO

Twitter, one of the top free social messaging and micro-blogging site, which helps users send and read text-based posts, also known as tweets. On Twitter, text-based posts are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have registered themselves to receive them.

Not only can users obtain updates through the Twitter website, but they can also get information through RSS feeds, emails that are sent and replied by third-party companies; through SMS for users from the US, Canada, the UK, and India. The UK number caters to the international audience. Also, applications like TwitterFon, Twitterrific, Feedalizr or Facebook are also available to circulate the updates.

Am sure you would want to promote your business site or blog among 3 million users and more 🙂

Start registering at and add a link to your profile page from your website or blog. Initially, you need to perform some groundwork like adding your Twitter profile page to some top blog post giving some valuable comments, also follow users related to your field. Once users notice your Twitter profile page, several users will automatically follow you.

Also, the search engines easily index Twitter status pages, and we can see many of them have been getting good Google Page Ranks individually.

In addition, the user pages on Twitter are created as subdirectories, for example, When seen from the SEO point of view, the subdomains are handled as separate sites altogether, but the sub-folders are processed as a component of the original domains itself. This way we get SEO benefits of Twitter to its sub-folders that also include the tweets and the user status pages!

Each time I post a link on my Twitter status page, all my followers’ and friends pages get to display that link too. Also, status links can be found in the blog where they use my tweets; by this, I get thousands of new inbound links and clicks towards the link I just posted.

So start building natural links through Twitter and drive traffic to your website without straining too much 😉

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