Optimize your Google plus profile for Higher ROI

Social networking has become a huge source of traffic for business websites as much as the conventional traffic from search engines. So optimizing in social networking sites in the current situation will definitely increase your ROI that you are spending for your Internet marketing campaign. Several statistics in the period between 2010-2011 strongly claims that social networking marketing campaigns have generated almost 40 % of the revenue in comparison with search engine marketing campaigns. Facebook currently is the most powerful player in the social networking arena. Commercial business owners were able to retain their clients through continuous engagement with them on the business offers and latest deals. With this social networking sites client retention has become easier. Hence social media marketing now have become an integral part of any Internet marketing campaign. This is great news for business owners and marketers but for one firm and guess who? It’s none other than the search engine giant Google.

Google may never have expected that Facebook would emerge as its biggest nemesis in Internet marketing and search industry. Though Facebook need not be Google’s direct competitor, its started bothering Google from early 2009. Google sensed danger and came out with its own social networking website in 2011 known as the Google plus.
Lets us overview Google plus’ overview and its impact on SEO.

Features of Google plus:

Like Facebook, Google plus has all the basic features such as chat, adding comments to friends’ status updates, sharing photos and videos etc but in an enhanced manner. Additional features such as multiple videos chat have caught the attention of people who were starting to feel the monotony of Facebook.

But on having a closer look, Google plus is social networking product from a company who is the leader in the search industry. So Google plus will definitely have some factors supporting SEO. The proof is when any business firm’s name is typed in Google, the Google plus page appears in search results. (It should have a Google plus page). In the near future, Google may bring an algorithm update like engagement with Google plus may bring more favorable results in search rankings for businesses. And the above said factor provides a solid proof. So as a proactive approach, the Google plus profile pages should be optimized.

Title of the page:

The one major advantage of Google plus in fact any social networking site is that the brand name of businesses can be established. Business owners can use their Firm name as the Title and Google plus itself recommend doing that. When your business network in Google plus grows the brand name gets registered strongly with the clients and retention becomes half done.

“Title is like a label and if it goes wrong everything will go wrong”.

Business Information:

Business owners can enter their business name and descriptions about their business , about you and employment columns. There is a 160-character limit and hence the business descriptions should be crisp and information rich. They should be in such a way that the whole crux of your information should be covered within that. In the case of personal profiles, restrictions can be done but a case of businesses make sure they are public.

The Midas touch In Google plus:

Google always has the habit of doing things that will literally stun anyone on the planet. And in Google plus, Google has brought in its core factor of “dofollow” straight into the picture. All the text, names, and business are dofollow and they get indexed in search engines especially in Google. So keyword rich (anchor text) can be added in the business info and it will make the difference in both organic SEO and SMM. And again, they should be done in a polished manner so that your profile does not become an awkward one to view at http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/social-media-marketing-SMM


Overall Google plus has emerged as a great platform for internet marketers and the combination of conventional SEM and Google plus will be a great combination of business development and stabilize it respectively. Also, Google plus is brand new to the picture and as the time goes by we can expect more from Google.

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