Use frameworks – Cut down your web Development cost!

Cost cutting! – This is something everyone always appreciates, particularly during this slowdown. People want to spend small or no money, 🙂 however things need to keep going! You need to cut down the development time, so you can save money, execute more projects and manage to reduce the cost of development. This is the time to identify the ways to reach low-cost solutions to customers.

Web development framework to open source developers is not new. There are many Frameworks which are available for PHP, Python, Ruby and Java developers. With Frameworks, you get a project skeleton, a structure, and Libraries which you need to start. Moreover, the structure forces you to keep the design and development separated with MVC. MVC Stands for Model View Controller.

Choosing a Framework is based on the requirments and the customer. They are simple to complex. I believe every web development firm should invest time on evaluating few Frameworks in various technology (or at least in PHP) to provide quick and low-cost solutions to the customer. A single Framework may not allow you to fulfill all the features of various web development projects.

There are few popular frameworks widely adopted by developers, for Python, there is Django and Pylons, Struts and Cocoon for Java, Ruby on Rails for Ruby, Several for PHP (Zend, Codeigniter, CakePHP etc) – See very good comparisons here.

While we use and recommend few like Codeigniter, CakePHP, and Struts, it’s better you try, evaluate and get insight on more than one Framework. This will help you/your developers to recommend the right framework for the requirements and quick completion of the project. Please note reusability and MVC are the prime factors for using Frameworks, But identifying the right framework which will meet your specification is even more important.

As a developer, you should be able to accommodate more projects if you reduce the development time. My team says you can save around 30%-40% of development time, this should be real good news for you and your clients, right?

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