Is 2018 Going to Be the Year of Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps

If you are interested in ringing in the New Year with better web design and app development, you need to be sure that progressive web apps are central to your strategy.

This is the new web of your app development, as referenced by the fact that companies that embrace these techniques have enjoyed load times decreased by 12 percent and conversion rates greater than 80 percent.

Knowing that this form of web development works and is on the rise, you need to have some quality tips in your back pocket.

To this end, read on to learn more about these progressive web apps and why they will be incredibly useful to you.

Progressive Web Apps Enhance The User Experience

User experience is everything when it comes to progressive web apps.

Customers need mobile apps that are intuitive and easy to use, which is where progressive apps shine. These apps are crafted using data and studies that maximize the user experience, letting people navigate more efficiently.

The foundational principles of these apps revolve around more uptime, instantaneous loading, engaging interphase, and reliability.

This form of web development will reach new levels in 2018 because web users demand more speed than ever. In fact, people will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, according to studies.

In the real world, 3 seconds is no time at all. By boosting this experience, you’re also boosting your brand and reputation.

When you focus on progressive apps, you’ll start to see your subscriber base soar, which is great for business.

Software Upgrades Are Happening Faster And Faster

In 2018, you can develop expect to see more progressive apps, because upgrades are becoming necessary much faster.

People expect software modifications quicker than ever in order to get rid of the kinks and bugs.

Streamlining your app updates will allow you to improve the overall user experience. This alone makes the technique worth it.

You Will Get Better ROI On Your SEO

Never underestimate the fact that this web development is crucial for search engine optimization.

You’ll be able to get better ROI for your search engine optimization when you create progressive web apps that matter.

Make sure that you are measuring your ROI based on important factors, such as an increase in traffic, user engagement and user conversion. Hire a web designer that understands SEO principles so that you’re able to get the absolute most out of each piece of marketing that you provide.

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Without questions, these points exemplify why progressive apps will be a huge trend in 2018 and in the future. It’s about that time to shut it down for the holidays, so make sure to hold these thoughts in the back of your head going into the New Year.

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