5 Proven Advantages of Agile web Development

Agile web development process

Agile process

For any old-time conventional software developer, “Agile” is a term which never finds a place in their dictionary of software development. However, it was quite shocking to know that the meeting in 2001 would result in a tremendous change in software development around the word “agile”. Software Development, owing to the robustness that it has to provide, could never be thought of being developed in an ‘agile’ fashion. This is something that never enters into the mind of software developers and the teams.

But, yes, this happened, and we have seen the benefits in our company.

In case, you are new to Web Development and especially ‘Agile web development’ here are some basics, before we move on to explaining how we do it. The definition as mentioned in the Agile Alliance is “Agile web Development or Agile software development is an umbrella term for a set of methods and practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto.

We at Macronimous were swift to figure out the key advantages of Agile web Development and began to implement the same.

To begin with, our Agile Development Team follows the 12 principles as mentioned in the Agile Manifesto. The outworking of the 12 Agile principles by the Agile Team in Macronimous are as follows:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Customers are important for us and there is nothing that gets a higher priority than Customer Satisfaction. We believe and have experienced that continuous delivery of software keeps our customers highly satisfied. This does not begin after months of Sign Up, but asap, as short as a week and sometimes even lesser than that.
  1. Software Modification: The pace at which the changes occur in the software industry is mind-boggling, which is not a reality for this industry alone. Hence, our customers from different industries have swiftly changing specifications and end up requesting changes in the software that we tailor-make. The agile development gives the customer a welcome note at the mention of requirement changes, even during later stages of development, unlike the traditional methodology. The highlight is the customer gets a software which is at par with their industry need.
  1. Continuous Delivery: We have observed through the years that most businesses are an amalgamation of different processes. If there is a way to develop a couple of processes and then release it to the customer, they get to see the foretaste of what the entire software will look like. The advantage is an immediate and quick feedback. Not only this, this would give a method for tracking the progress.
  1. Continuous Client Involvement: Collaboration of client and developers in a continuous manner is very much in the spirit of Agile. The immediate response to such a thought from the developers are, “they(the clients) are a disruption”. Quite not so! In fact, the reverse is true. The absence of continuous involvement from the client is quite disruptive as we have seen over the years that once the entire application is developed, the client comes in and expresses their expectation as a little different. No amounts of the requirements document and sign-ups have quite fixed this gap. This can be completely excluded by way of having a constant feedback through client involvement in the project continuously.
  1. Optimized Use of Resources: Who builds the software matters the most. Who is your architect? Who is your coder? How well is the project implemented? These are all the questions that need a serious consideration. Not always experienced people are effective people. One of the blunders that we have observed in the outsource business is companies approaching us for resources having ‘n’ years of experience. Though we try to convey that we have a more efficient person with less than ‘n’ years of experience, too often they turn a deaf ear, and we end up providing what they ask. Since Agile uses flat hierarchy (no hierarchy) it is quite easy to handpick the right person to do the right job.

We haven’t finished yet! There are 7 more advantages that we know of which we will blog in the upcoming months.

In conclusion, our experience is that embracing the agile methodology helps us to deliver outstanding software applications swiftly.

Why not try implementing a couple of the above-mentioned in your team or company. We would be happy to share more details. Else, if you have already implemented, why not share your experience in the below comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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