Practical SEO Techniques (2013) – Free EBook for SEO professionals

Ever since we launched the free EBook (PDF), Practical SEO techniques in 2006, more than 4000 downloads were made.  Undoubtedly, It was a success. Though, Techniques we use in SEO might be changing every day, what is more, important is, Search Engines (primarily Google) changes its algorithm almost every year resulting the SEO community to exchange heated discussions, share knowledge and provide advice.

Free download EBook

Free Download

So, We found the necessity to upgrade the book, and including social media would be more appropriate at this time, in this new version. This is a 30-page free booklet, well designed and easy to read. You will see tips on each page and links to several useful tools that would help you to simplify your life.

We also tried to cover some basic topics for the newbies, However, most of the information we share are targeted to experienced SEO professionals.

We welcome you to download your copy, which is free from here.