SEO strategies for long term online marketing investments (2020 and beyond)

Why Still do SEO?

Its 2020! I remember the first time I heard about the word SEO, it was June 1999 when I started my career as a web developer at StylusInc (Currently, Insight Consultants). SEO is still green. The business of SEO is greener at Macronimous, as we continuously managed to learn the changes in the realm of Internet marketing.

SEO Strategy, which is a continuous investment in SEO, is a long term game plan for marketing your business online. SEO is going to stay here for a longer period in the market. Why do we say it?

Statistics from Forbes says the spend in the SEO Industry will be $80 billion! Hence there is no doubt that SEO is still the primary means of online marketing in the future. Even if you are doing well in other means of digital marketing, say Social Ads, businesses cannot ignore SEO. If you have not started yet, or stopped in the middle, you should think about restarting, now!

In the age of Viral marketing, people invest in other online marketing techniques and keep forgetting SEO, or give less importance. But as you read, you will find the need to start investing in SEO, especially in the Google platform.

Business conversions with SEO

Crazy Egg says, SEO can bring in a very good conversion rate of 14.6%, if your site is in the hands of expert agencies. Hence, it is high time to find the right SEO company for your business. Did you know that Outsourcing SEO work is still a cost effective option. This is particularly true when you think of serious SEO implementation and ongoing marketing efforts for your website.

Your Web site structure matters for SEO

Businesses spend a lot on killer web designs. This is good for websites that already have plenty of visitors. This idea of ‘grand web design and graphics’ may not work for all the websites. So, it is time to rethink your design strategy for SEO.

A quick, fast loading website with no-nonsense navigation can make the site loveable for both users & search engines. It should help retain visitors in the website. Websites with several script based dynamics will not be effective for small business websites. So, trying to ‘wow’ the visitors with large graphics, visual treats may work negatively.

Also, make sure to focus on website speed with lesser load in the front-end, with minimum number of server calls.

Keywords as business drivers

Google recommends long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are primarily for voice search. An every day user does not use voice for business queries. Especially business to business queries. Desktop users who work from an office and find businesses online, still key in the queries in Google search box or in the browser address bar.

Identifying the right keywords and using them efficiently is still challenging and important. For small business websites using Keywords in Page Title is of supreme importance.

How many words in Keywords?

According to Smart Insights, 3-4 words in the title results in higher CTR in Organic SEO with Google. So, investing on right tools on keyword research is important in 2020 and beyond.

With a one-word keyword query searchers are less like to get any good results. They will be forced to use a 2-word keyword for quality results. But, B2B users may not get the kind of results they want with these. So they have to refine it using 3-word keyword phrases or occasionally 4-word phrases. This has been working well for our clients for years, even after the wave that Google created with Long tail keywords.

SEO vs Social Media

A survey from Search Engine Land says that even in 2020, Search engines drive 10 folds of traffic to ECommerce sites than social media. This shows that SEO results are sustainable, and works very well on the long run. According to Internet live stats 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. You can check it for yourself here.
Also a survey result from eMarketer says that 35% of product searches start on Google. So, if your site depends only on Social Media, its time to consider Google ’s organic search users and SEO.

Clearly spending through paid media brings short term benefits. Assume you are selling some seasonal products, Social Media ads or Google Adwords are more appropriate. But, if you have an Ecommerce site (with both seasonal and non-seasonal products) or a service that you are going to offer for years, investing on SEO is a wise bet.

Google first

In the mid 2000s Google started dominating and it still continues in 2020. We can expect this to continue for many more years to come. As a website owner or a SEO in-charge, there is nothing wrong if you focus only on Google. Unless you are in China or Russia, you can continue to follow Google’s algorithm updates and what Google brings up with each roll-out. Other search Engines like Bing or DuckDuckGo are less likely to pickup. Whether it is good or bad, websites should be ready for Google unless something revolutionary comes up.

According to Statista (Oct 2019) Google is dominating with a whopping 87.96% of the search engine market share. So, investing in Google SEO, that too, in Organic will never let you down.

Mobile first and Mobile friendly

Now, remember that if you are going to launch a brand new site in a brand new domain, it should follow Mobile-first approach. Mobile-first indexing means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Assuming you are planning new visitors through organic Google search results. If you are planning for a redesign there is nothing wrong in planning a mobile-first approach.

Especially, if you are a local store or a business targeting customers within your region (Area/town/City etc), then your website should be Mobile friendly and invest in Local SEO strategies. Even redesigning with Mobile-first approach will bring long term benefits.

AI is here, But still SEO is about Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is here, but to help SEO and not to replace SEO. Search Engine algorithms are still understood primary by human brains. The SEO budget of a client and to find the right SEO strategy is still very much human. People use AI to build the right tools to help SEO professionals. We at Macronimous use such tools. But everyday we plan for our client’s website with deeper thinking, discussions, knowledge exchanges and continuous learning the SEO Techniques.

The above few are some factors that convinced us in Macronimous to keep investing in SEO, especially in the Google platform and produce organic results. SEO is going to continue for years, and investing in SEO is also going to continue. We found these factors are really required by the website owners and SEO professionals to help Google to bring better results. So, when you plan to hire an SEO company (Yes, we are one of them), think SEO as your long term online marketing. Make sure you invest accordingly.

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