The why, how and what else of ROI driven SEO

ROI Driven SEO

To get business online, the first step is to build a website. But having built one does not guarantee Business Conversions. This both of us know. The real deal begins when we start marketing and see the clients come through. But, given that there are thousands of websites, of which, 100 odd ones are in your own niche, and that too in your own neighborhood, how do we stand apart!! 

Let us accept. The competition is tough. But, still, we need to beat the competition. But how?

Thankfully, I have been in this game for more than 20 years and I have seen the markets and trends change, players come and go. One thing that keeps me up and running is that I’ve been careful to work according to the trends of the market. Trends and strategies in SEO are changing and keep changing. Endurance in SEO learning is what helps us in Macronimous to run and catch up with the changes. Also, to apply those changes in Strategies!

If you will, let me share with you one key SEO strategy that I have been working on. This, if you can share it with your clients, it may prove beneficial. 

There are prospects out there in the online space. But how do we navigate to reach the right client is the key question to be answered. Having helped companies for a long time get their business conversions, I have some insights to share with you for the year 2020. 

There are around 6 major online platforms today when we speak of marketing a business online. They are Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. I’m sure you know it. Today, I want to share “what” needs to be done on these platforms, especially in Google, for conversions. Our SEO guys call it “ROI driven SEO”

Irrespective of the business vertical, Google is a key player where we need to tap in. With around 3.5 billion searches we have a lot of potentials to tap. So, what to do in Google?

SEOSearch Engine Optimisation First things first. Nowadays, SEO has become a necessary pain in internet marketing. Without optimizing your website, in other words, make it Search-Engine-Ready, we don’t even start anywhere! 

Why? – As a user understands what my website is, what are my business offerings, Google (algorithm) also understands, in fact, a bit more. It understands my website to the extent that, it decides whether to show my website to a certain person’s query or not. To help Google understand my website, I make sure that my website is Search-Engine-Ready. 

How? – Making my website Search-engine-ready is where I “begin”. To do this, my team carefully analyses the major points as per Google guidelines and makes my website compliant to it. This is a careful effort that my team puts in with regards to Keyword Research, Content Optimisation, Website structuring, Back-end compliance, Page Speed, etc. 

What Else? – I know that in every business vertical, the competitors also make their websites Search-Engine-Ready! So what difference do I make? Hence, to have an upper hand in this, my team works towards a strategy called Link Building, where my website gets mentioned (links get submitted) in other relevant sites. Google algorithm picks these data and understands that my website has many mentions too. 

ROI? – Having a Search-Engine-Ready website is my ROI improving? When people search, is my website available right in front of their eyes or not? Making sure that my website is shown by Google in front of relevant people when the search is my KPI for SEO. 

There are scores of a website which are in no shape or form near to anything like this. Why not we help these sites to be Search-Engine-Ready and then up the game by using my team to do Link Building in a consistent manner?

The other strategies like Google Ads and other marketing are done on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc I will share some other time. 

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