6 things to make your site content SEO ready

Flashy images and videos on a website may look attractive in terms of the site’s design. They may also be highly relevant to the website owner’s business but are they enough to bring top results in search engines. The designers who must have worked on that website may say YES, but the answer is NO.  So, apart from all these factors, the aspect that is going to bring traffic and business to your website is none other than the content of the website. Again, not just blind content will bring traffic to a site. So what are the factors required for a content to be of high quality?

The following are the factors and methods to make the content in a website to be ready for SEO:

Keyword placement:

Selection of right keyword holds the key for an SEO process.Keywords are the words with which people search for a product or item in search engines either to acquire information or to know about a product to make a decision for actually buying it. Selecting the right keyword is an art. To have an SEO friendly content you need to analyze the top keywords that people use to search in search engines relevant to your business and integrating it properly with the page content will decide your traffic and ROI. One without varied domain experience may opt for a keyword without applying due to SEO strategy and research, which won’t yield significant benefit to the site owner.

Keyword density and stuffing:

There is a fine line between keyword stuffing and keyword density. One is all about how it should be and other is about how it should not be. Generally, the keyword density should be around 2 – 8% as per the search engine guidelines. It is a must for competing with business competitors and to top the rankings in search engines. Keyword stuffing pushes the site behind in search engine rankings or chances exist for delisting by search engines. People think that more keywords on a page result in Good ranking but which is not the fact. Keyword density in percentage is based on a combination of a number of keywords used and the total number of words used. Keywords should be used optimally it should not be stuffed for the sake of benefits. Keyword stuffing results in penalizing the page by search engines.

Tools like SEOChat and Webconfs Keyword density checker can help in calculating your contents’ keyword density.

Keyword proximity:

Keyword proximity indicates how two or more keywords are clubbed to each other. Higher ranking can be achieved if keywords are placed together. If you have keywords close then you have a chance that the rank is much higher. An SEO ready content is one, which has the right set of keywords, used at appropriate places with proper density and frequency without stuffing. Thousands of tools are available to select the keyword. However, it is highly advisable to use the services of an SEO expert to get positive and long-lasting results.


Readability is the ease with which text can be read and understood. Readability differs from legibility which conveys how easily letter and characters differ from each other. The factors which make up the idea for readability are visibility of text, perceptibility at a certain distance, the speed of perception, Visibility, reflex blink technique. Content should be readable and legible especially when it caters to the diverse audience across the world. The following are the factors that are the building blocks for a site contents readability scores.

Flesch –Kincaid grade:

Flesch –Kincaid reading grade was developed under a contract to the United States Navy for the use of electronic authoring and delivery of technical information. The Fk formula was first used to assess the difficulty of technical manuals and after its relevancy is duly approved and hence it became a military standard. In Flesch reading case higher score indicates the material is easy. Readability test is used extensively in education making easier for parents, teachers, educators and all those who read. FK formula is used in different languages.

Gunning fox index

Gunning fox index is similar along the lines of Fk with the objective to improve readability of English writing. The index estimates the years of formal education needed to understand the text on a first reading. Fog index is used to confirm that the intended audience can exactly read the text. Texts for a wide audience generally deserve a fog index less than 12. Texts requiring a near universal understanding generally need an index less than 8 .Fog index is a good sign of hard to read a text.All complex words are not difficult.A short word can be very difficult if many people do not use it.

Coleman lieu index:

Coleman lieu index is a readability test to gauge the understandability of the text.It relies on characters instead of a syllable or word. Although opinion varies on its accuracy as compared to the syllable /word and complex word indices. Characters are more readily and accurately counted by computer programs that are syllables.

Syllable-based readability indices do not require the character content of words to be analyzed. Only their length in characters. Therefore it could be based in conjunction with simple mechanical scanners that recognize character content of words to be analyzed, only in their characters.

Tools like http://www.read-able.com/ measure your content with the above-said metrics and based on the overall score, you can fine-tune your content.

Spell and Grammar check:

Spelling and grammatical mistakes in content are like jet-black dots in a piece of white paper. It will be clearly visible for readers and the impression for them may go bizarre about the website. So, spell check is important for good accessibility, crawl-ability, and indexing for search engines. Search engines are providing greater emphasis on spell check. Search engines rank websites higher when they are free of errors. As a result, increased traffic is guaranteed. Normally a site with tens of thousands of pages it is hard to spot out the spelling as a result spell check tools are advocated which gives a better impression on the website.

Wrongly spelled words and grammar conveys unprofessionalism. The bottom line is to spell check everything without good grammar and spell check your website is not complete.

There are several web tools, which gives the accurate measurement of the grammatical mistakes done.

For instance, http://www.whitesmoke.com/grammar-checker is a tool, which clearly points out the grammatical mistakes done in content, and it’s highly advantageous with huge contents, where spotting minor mistakes are as tough writing such another volume of content.

Duplicate content:

Almost all the search engines that users make use of are working on contents of websites. The quality of a website’s content definitely is one of the key factors Duplicate content delivery often has a negative impact on sites overall search usability. People search websites for the unique product or idea so that if poor or duplicate content exists chances are that it may affect the site’s credibility in terms of usage by end-user as well as by search engines. Web pages should be unique by all logic it should be unparalleled. Word by word copy is a duplicate content. If a difference exists in terms of 30 % content then the content is not considered to be replicated one. Plagiarism and duplicate content derail an effective SEO process. But there are several occasions where accidentally content may fall into plagiarism. After all, content is the imagination of writers to present their business to readers and the languages having a shortage of words, plagiarism may occur often.

Web- tools like http://www.seovalley.com/seo-tools/duplicate-content-checker-tool/ and

https://copywritely.com/plagiarism-checker/ can detect duplicate content so that you can modify them for avoiding the negative consequences.

And tools like http://research.ithenticate.com/ can detect duplicate content from top magazines, e-zines, archives and journals, which will make your content 100 % free from any copyright issues from any source.

In a nutshell:

To sum up an SEO ready content should be original, free of spelling errors, grammar errors, and the usage of exact keywords without stuffing.

In fact, an actual SEO process should be started only after this is done.  All the major updates in major search engines are related to content. So day-by-day a website’s content is becoming all the more important as the other SEO factors.

All the above-said tools will help to measure and select the right keywords and to match up your business competitors in search engines and now it is the bottom line for sustaining rankings in search engines.

Macronimous Web Solutions, the professional SEO Company offers SEO content writing services along with conventional SEM services. We analyse the contents of each and every website according to their niche and suggest suitable recommendations to make the content and website SEO friendly.

[Updated: Sep 2018]

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