How to get more readers to your blog post?

How to get more readers to your blog post? – by Prason

Ten years ago, there were only a handful of bloggers in the blog vile. People who had a good command of English had a blog of their own. But today, every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a blog. Yes! Everyone and their brothers are blogging now irrespective of whether they have readers or not. Some of you might try to write everything under the Sun. But, have you gone through the phase where your blog posts do not even get 50 hits? You might have thought what went wrong and why people do not read your content. You might have even thought of quitting for good. Is yes, just keep reading and this post might answer your questions. I have listed down ten simple steps and you will be surprised to find these tips would make the page hits graph going up.

After reading this tips, feel free to share them with your little brother who desperately need them too.

One thousand hits in one hour

1) Keep a “bait” in your Titles
The first thing that the reader will notice about your blog is the title of the blog. Even if you have a wonderful story to tell, if you do not pull your audience with a catchy title, your story might not even reach your audience. This is where many of you will get dejected. Some of the greatest literary works are not even read by a huge audience as they are not properly marketed. Very ordinary writers have caught hold of the literature market share with their marketing skills. For example, Chetan Bhagat is a popular Indian writer. However, Literature enthusiasts will not even consider him in the top 100 writers list in India. But that doesn’t stop him to be accepted as a leading writer in India by his readers. His secret is his marketing skill. He uses the right title for his books to reach his audience (Eg. Five point someone ). Moreover, his works are simple and he doesn’t juggle with words that make his readers carry a Thesaurus all the time. So when you write a blog post, make sure that you have the right title for your blog post.

2) Let the “pictures speak” too!
If you are writing a blog post, you should upload a picture too. It could speak a thousand words. Following this simple logic, make sure that for every 1000 words you write, there is a suitable picture on your blog post. The pictures or the illustrations you use should draw readers to your post. Pictures have the pull factor. In many TV commercials, you would have seen women being used for products that men use. The whole idea is to make sure that men watch these ads. In the blog world, spend the time to add a suitable ‘dragging’ picture for your blog.
When you upload a picture, make sure that it does not violate copyright laws. Edit your pictures wisely. If you are not good at Photoshop, you can use to edit your pictures. You can add watermark to your pictures too. Add the right color mix to the pictures that you upload on your blog post.

3) “Rename” the pictures you add in your blog
The picture that you upload on your blog post should be renamed and should be search engine friendly. Just take a look at the pictures you have on your hard drive. Do not just upload your DSC00016.jpg, DSC00017.jpg, DSC00018.jpg etc. Many of you might not have the habit of renaming the pictures. When you upload these pictures in your blog post, make sure that you rename the pictures with a suitable file name (preferably some keywords as file names) that goes with your blog content. When readers search for a particular image on Google or in other search engines, they will not be using the words “DSC00016 or DSC00017”. Naming the picture increases the chances of your blog getting noticed. Start doing this today. This is one of the simplest SEO techniques that you can manually start implementing for your blog posts.

4) “Answer” to a wide number of readers
People search and keep on searching for questions all the time. If you are a blogger who writes on a specific theme, make sure that your blog has the answer to all the questions related to your field. This blog post will surely answer a lot of questions that bloggers have, and that is the sole reason for Macronimous to publish this blog. There might be umpteen number of websites that deal with the same topic. But make sure that your content has the right answers to the right questions that readers have. Once you develop a bond with the reader, the reader will become your regular visitor.

5) Keep it “Fresh”
In the game of Cricket, even Sachin Tendulkar has to retire. Unless and until your blog is updated with the changing trends in the web world, you will fall behind in the race and you would have no other choice to call it quits. Read more on the stream you blog on. Knowledge is wealth and to acquire knowledge, you should keep reading. Attend social networking meets; network with people and when you do this, even without your knowledge you would have gained knowledge. When you acquire knowledge, make sure that you share it on your blog with a suitable title, and with a suitable picture.
Keep watching the comments from your blog readers, it could give you an opportunity correct your views, typos and even include more content and facts.

6) Be a “trendsetter”
If you are blogging for more than 5 years on a particular theme but if you are not known to the public, then you are just another ordinary blogger. Do not go unnoticed. If you consider that you were failing with your blog, follow the first 5 steps and you can see that you will be noticed in the social media. If you are blogging about food, people should follow you hungrily for lip-smacking recipes and cuisines. This is where your success lies in. When people think of twitter one-liners, the first name that comes to the mind is Ramesh Srivats. When we think of an Apple, the first name that flashes across the eyes is Steve Jobs. When people think about a blog stream, your name should come to their mind. Work towards that goal.

7) Be “interactive” to comments
This is a very important thing that many bloggers fail to do. Blogging need not be just one way. It’s a platform to integrate. When people become popular, they have a tendency not to reply to each and every comment. This kind of behavior will slowly make a small group hate you. Even if you write great content, this group will stop reading your content, because they know that you would not even read their comments. Good bloggers are those who engage readers in comments and respond to all the comments. Comments help the blogger to grow more and more and also in building good networks. Do not forget to integrate social media such as Facebook’s fan box and keep it open for people to discuss.
Also, be ready for criticisms on comments and do not forget to thank constructive criticism and do not hesitate to modify your blog content if they correct or point out issues.

8) “Advertise it” in social media platforms
If you have a blog, you should also have a fan page on Facebook, a twitter handle. Active participation in other social networking platforms like Google plus, Slideshare, Youtube, Quora is pluses. Make sure to leave your blog URL in as many places as possible; but also see to that you leave your blog URL in the relevant place or else you will become popular as a spammer.

9) Keep the content “Rich” with information
Gone are the days where you can get away with philosophical gas. Now unless and until you write meaningful content, your readers will treat you like trash. Your content should be search engine friendly, crisp, to-the-point and updated.
If your blog content is the first of its kind, and if readers have to come only to your blog to read your content, then you are moving in the right direction. Create a brand for yourself. Your Brand equity will grow if you publish a content rich website.

10) “Study” your blog statistics.
Closely monitor your blog statistics to find the sources from where your readers visit your blog. Some sources might yield a number of visitors from where you didn’t expect. These sources are the ones where your presence is more. At the same time, notice the weak links and these are the sources that you need to work on.
If you follow these ten steps in your blogging journey, do not be surprised if your blog gets thousands of hits within an hour.
Have a great blogging journey. If you had liked this article share it with your friends through Facebook / Email or through any other modes.

About Prason, the Chronic Writer: Prason, popularly known as the chronic writer is a Christian writer, blogger, singer, composer, Salsa Dancer and father of a 4-year-old blogger. Prason is working for a nonprofit organization and contributes to Social Media Marketing, you can see his Humor blog at

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