How to keep up with Web technology? Overcoming the challenges with learning

It is a challenge for the Web developers always since they need to read, practice and deliver all the time. You may say life if full of learning, and everyone has to learn. But, what you learn today becomes outdated within a year, or sometimes even within few months in web technology and this becomes a real challenge.

In this Presentation, Chris Coyier is trying to arrive at a decent answer. We would like it to be shared on our blog too.
You can see Chris shared some useful links at the end, unfortunately, they aren’t clickable. But Don’t worry, we have given them below as links that you can enjoy.

CSS, HTML, and Web programming resources: 


CSS Wizardry

Smashing Magazine



24 Ways



Web Platform

Individual who share their thoughts and learning:  

Paul Irish

Zoe Gillenwater

Jeremy Keith

Estelle Weyl

Nicolas Zakas

Ryan Seddon

Nicole Sullivan

Dave Rupert

Tab Atkins

Christian Heilman


Rails Casts

The Web Ahead

Non-Breaking Space

This Developer’s Life

The East Wing

Build Podcast


Tech Twitters: 

Elijah Manor

Lea Verou

Mike Taylor

Divya Manian

Ethan Marcotte

Ben Alman

David Walsh

Scott Jehl

Jeff Starr

Mat Marquis


Hakim El Hattab

What  we recommend:

Cat The code


Not but not least:

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Weekly doses: 

Web Design Weekly

CSS Weekly

JavaScript Weekly

HTML5 Weekly

RWD Weekly

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